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Can't Stop Craving Cheese Fries

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I'm all over this forum tonight, and I'm embarrassed to admit... but I still want cheese fries. I'm reading my way through Food Freedom right now and am going pretty strong on my second Whole30 (officially Day 26 with the #Whole30AtHome) -- my first Whole30 ended early March -- and despite all of Melissa's sage wisdom, I can't stop craving cheese fries. After my first Whole30 ended, I was pretty elated that I had lost 22 pounds but also knew that I probably under-ate (I'd rather not eat than not eat i.e. cheese fries). While I fluctuated after a little, and tried to restart with a few mini-Whole5s and scattered days of Whole30s in between, I don't think I ever gained more than 6-7 pounds before I started again April 13 -- over a whole month later, but still- pretty quick weight gain! Anyway, I know I shouldn't and would LOVE to get to the point that I don't, but I keep looking at pictures of food (like cheese fries) online, Instagram, etc. and can't wait to finally indulge a little. I know I can't go back to my old ways and was way more moderate coming off my last one, but I wish that I could get to the point where I'm just good walking away from and not waiting for the moment I can have it. I have found that I get extra anxious/restless/crave-y at night and try to eat an apple with some nuts instead but it is so bad lately!

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