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Brief testimonial from a non-testimonialer

Kim Fox

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I am a 46 year old female in good health.  No hypertension, diabetes, good weight (I'd like to lose a few more, but you know...), etc...  I'm a pretty healthy person EXCEPT for this addiction to sugar which I have and love.  Complicate that with the fact that I LOVE to bake.  I must be in menopause as I have not had a visit from Aunt Flo since October.  Aunt Flo has not stopped by since then, but Cousin lb has been coming consistently since then.  Then comes the corona-work-from-home situation and that stress.

I went for a physical on 4/30/20. This was my Lipid panel

Total Cholesterol 262

HDL (good) 60

LDL (bad) 180

Triglycerides 101

I started Whole 30 on Sunday 5/3/20

My blood was re-drawn 26 days later.  My doc was going to put me on cholesterol meds but I asked her to check my levels again as I had been doing the Whole 30.  She said that short amount of time with a diet change would not move my levels significantly but that she would essentially humor me.  Only if my LDL got to or below 170 would I avoid meds.

My results from 5/29/20...……. drum roll.....

Total Cholesterol 232

HDL (good) 58

LDL (bad) 154

Triglycerides 93

I CANNOT believe that it really helped that significantly.

I am now mourning my ice cream at night and whatever other sweet treat I would consume daily that I completely LOVE.

Now its time for me to put my big girl britches on and figure out how to live the Resta 30!!!!!


Thank you Whole30 Team!!!!!

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Way to go, Kim! Thanks for sharing the before and after. It's disappointing that your doctor felt it was impossible to make a life change in 30 days, that's an awful message to spread to their clients. Thank you for insisting on being "humored." I wish you well in your journey!

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