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Anxiety, Food is more than food, is comfort

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Hi all, 

I'm Daniel, I'm in my 50s and now I reached the half of my WH30 month.

In some ways it's been easier that I expected, I don't do well with diets, I get angry and frustrated since day one, I don't like to be told what to do, eat, etc... Childish, I know...

Form Monday to Friday is mostly ok, but on the weekend it's a nightmare !!! I'm form Spain and in my culture beer ( omg cold beer ), wine ( spanish wine of course.. ), "tapas", a good plate of cold meat with a lot of bread, a breakfast with.. Yes, a lot of fresh and crunchy bread and butter is almost a religion

And now, It's REAAAAALLY har to avoid this , to find a new way to get rewards for the hard week, it's really emotional, is in may blood.

Some help ? Some advice ? Are you in the same spot ?? Am I an addicted ?

Thanks all for you attention


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