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On day 5 and just realized I never checked the label on the olive oil cooking spray I’ve been using.  It says it has soy.  Everything else I’ve been super careful with.  Have not had very many negative side effects such as the “hangover” or have I had a day were I need to “kill all the things”.  Could just that little bit of stay be the reason?

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Ugh, how frustrating!! I had the first thing in round 1 but it was sulfites in my bottled lemon juice. Only such a tiny amount but I ended up doing a Whole35 to make up for those 5 days.

Do remember that the calendar with the hangover and the KATT etc is worse case scenario, you may not experience some or all of them. It can depend on so many things, including what your diet was like before. But it will be interesting to see how you feel after cutting the spray!

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