Homemade pumpkin spice creamer??

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Hi, folks! I saw on a separate post that there are some Whole30- compliant coffee creamers. I found a recipe for pumpkin spice coffee creamer, tweaked it a bit, and want to check to make sure it's ok. It feels like this could be a food without brakes, so I wanted to check. Since we are not supposed to eat snacks in between meals, I wonder if putting calories and protein in my coffee is really a no-no?? The ingredients are homemade cashew milk (raw cashews and water), cinnamon, ginger, cloves, compliant canned coconut milk, and plain pumpkin puree. I realize that all of the ingredients are compliant--just unsure if putting these in my coffee a couple of times a day is ok? Also... if it is ok, is it okay to add dates to the recipe, as well? It would translate to less than half a date per serving.  How many dates per serving would be too many?? And, if I only drank one cup with my breakfast, would that make the dates more okay? LOL I realize I am near splitting hairs here and that just based on my questions, I should probably continue to skip the dates. Just trying to understand what would be considered compliant? 

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We're not really too concerned with calories but putting fat in your morning cup is fine.  If it feels like it could be a food without brakes and you're thinking you might start drinking more coffee than usual because of the 'creamer' then you should definitely reconsider.  You can eat a snack between meals if you're hungry - make it fat and protein ideally or a mini meal of fat, protein and veggies.  With that said, it's not the end of the world if you have the coffee with this 'creamer' between meals but liquid foods are not processed by your body in the same manner as chewed foods so you  might be doing yourself a disservice if you're actually hungry.

Additionally, it would not be compliant to add any amount of dates to this to make a sweet concoction.  There's an old 'creamer' out there in the world that is dates, egg, coconut milk and magic that sounds awfully similar to what you're describing and it's absolutely not allowed on the program.

My advice would be that if you want to have this 'creamer', use it as a special treat (say saturday mornings) and don't put it into consistent rotation in your program but as long as you leave the dates off, you're good to go.


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