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This is my second W30. I don’t remember struggling BG with nausea before. I’m the 2 diabetic. Should I stick with 3 meals?  How do I manage before and after Workout?  Nausea hairs and don’t feel like eating a meal. Any advice?  I’m only on day 3 but sugars are running high. 

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If you're having trouble controlling your blood sugar, you might need to speak to your doctor.  If you're taking medication, that might need to be adjusted, or they might have tips that could help.

The thing about nausea is that sometimes you can feel nauseated because you need to eat, but not want to eat because you feel nauseated. Try to eat something and see if it helps. Maybe keep some soup or broth around and heat up some of it, see if a few bites or sips of it help at all. If it does help, then maybe you'll feel okay enough to eat more solid food.

As for the three meals a day, that's a recommendation that works well for most people, but if it doesn't work well for you, you aren't breaking any rules if you don't follow it. If you're used to having five or six small meals a day, try that for a while. If you want to move to three meals a day instead, start making some meals a little bigger, and the others smaller, and see if over time you can get to a point where your larger meals keep you satisfied and you no longer need the smaller ones.

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