Uh oh. Nutpods oat creamer

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I had seen in the books and the forum etc that NutPods were fine and on program. I finally ran into them in a store and bought the original and the cinnamon swirl. I did notice the oat flour but assumed it was OK as it isn't specifically outlawed anywhere and coconut flour is a flour right? Anyhow I have added them in one or two cups of coffee for about a week, on Day 26, just noticed it is an oat creamer, no ill effects should I be concerned?

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Oats are a grain and aren't allowed on Whole30 in any form, even flour.  All flour means is they've dried and ground whatever they've made the flour from, so coconut flour is dried ground coconut, oat flour is dried ground oats, regular all purpose type flour is dried ground wheat. Flours made from things that are Whole30 compatible are allowed, those made from things that aren't Whole30 compatible are not.

The oat varieties of Nutpods must be fairly new, the original ones were coconut and nut milk based. This is why it is always important to read ingredients even for things you've heard are ok.

Unfortunately, your body doesn't know whether you've consumed something accidentally or intentionally, it reacts the same way. The main point of Whole30 is as an elimination diet, where you leave out things most likely to cause issues for most people, and then carefully reintroduce them. For more on what to do if you eat something off plan, see this article:  https://whole30.com/start-over/

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