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Need advice for foods to take on vacation


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Hi all,

I'm finishing my Whole 30 tomorrow. I intend to continue for the most part, but we're going away on vacation next week.

The resort we'll be staying at has several restaurants onsite, ALL are exorbitantly expensive. Burgers are $18, shakes are $15, 14" plain pizza is $18 (not that I'm at all interested in the last two).

There will be a refrigerator and microwave in the room. I'd rather just prepare most of my own meals than risk feeling lousy. Eating out used to excite me, now it's just a chore to find it modify something I can eat. Fortunately, I'm a pretty good cook. :)

Besides bringing fruit, nuts, and salad ingredients, can anyone think of or recommend any easy/convenient foods to take with us or buy at the grocery store? I'm also thinking cans of chicken and tuna and bring along my avocado mayonnaise.

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Before we write out a whole pile of ideas, try googling 'whole30 vacation' or 'whole30 hotel' or 'whole30 business trip'. There are tons of threads with great ideas of what to bring (even small appliances like a rice cooker - you can actually cook in it like a hot plate... this way you could fry or hardboil eggs in it). 

Are there going to be grocery stores nearby or are you having to rely on convenience stores?  If there are grocery stores, you can microwave yams/potatoes, microwave precooked meat patties, break them up and then use a pasta sauce or marinara sauce to have a 'stuffed' potato... things like that might work - how long are you staying? Are there other restaurants nearby that can deliver to the resort that might not be so crazy expensive? Or that you can go to and bring food back?

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