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W30 v4.0 - Day -7

Lorna from Canada

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Well, here we are for a refresh! I've done 3 complete W30's (and as many partials...) and am excited to be starting again. My mom's illness and lingering trip to death last year hit me very hard. The grieving process has been extremely difficult. The pandemic - do we even need to say? - has been uber challenging. It's time to have a positive focus.

In a return to a standard American diet over this past year I have suffered:

  • weight gain - significant (>14 kg/30lbs)
  • joint pain and general aching muscles
  • stomach distress
  • Increased heartburn
  • anxiety 

I turned 60 this year. I feel like crap. So, here we go again - January 1 start fresh. Hubs and I are pros at W30 after more than 120 days 100% compliant so we're not crazy enough to start cold turkey. This week we will finish the open bottles of Christmas wine while reducing other sugar and grains. By January 1, we will be primed to begin with the rest of the crowd. We are looking forward to having something new to do - we're both WFH fulltime and in lockdown in our tiny urban flat - boredom is part of the problem :). I'm also not able to escape winter by travelling to Australia like I do every year so that is weighing heavily as well. Something new to do will be grand!

See you all around - I like posting - with my mom's illness I didn't have time to post during W30 - v3 and it made it less interesting. So - stop by to chat!



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4 hours ago, TonyaM said:

Me too... except it's been 3 years off paleo (excuse: we shifted towns, life got stressful blah blah) but yes, the weight gain! and the feeling awful = ditto. So here we go :) 

It's all a bit of blah, blah, blah isn't it? Day 1 in the bag. Sooo happy to have committed to this. How was your first day Tonya?


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Day 1 was ok actually. Success for me will depend on being organised - you know, food prep and only having compliant stuff in the pantry. Pleased I found this forum though, I need somewhere/someone to hold me accountable so this will be good.

Day 2 is coming to an end.... I haven't had nearly enough water and I've been a bit hungry between meals but that's just an early adjustment...

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