Round 2! Hating it so far..

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Update: I’ve made it to day 6! I still want to quit, but I haven’t.. I have had a Larabar a day to help me thru some rough patches. IM SO HUNGRY. I remember cravings last time, but not a depression about everything I can’t have. I DEF need this and it’s only 24 more days! I’m not going to quit! I’m not craving sweets (I don’t have a sweet tooth), and nothing really specific— just carbs/breads in general. Rice! Never thought I’d miss rice.  I had SEVERE stomach distress earlier today and now I am wiped out. And, of course, this  was the day we didn’t have any leftovers for lunch, and I planned on cooking.  Almost dinner time and then I’ll be finished with another day. I was so excited the first day, and now I am just barely hanging on with my last shreds of will power! 

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I'm sorry to hear about your digestive issues, you might try sticking to fairly bland, easily digestible foods for a day or two until you feel better -- things like broth or soup, plain chicken, baked potato or sweet potato with a little ghee or olive or coconut oil and some salt. Hopefully it will clear up quickly.

In general, if you're hungry, your meals may be too small or not composed well. Try to follow the meal template (available here:, and remember that the template includes a range of portion sizes and is really the minimum you should be eating, it's okay to have more if you are still feeling hungry.

Whole30 isn't really super low carb -- try adding potatoes, sweet potatoes, other root vegetables like carrots, beets, parsnips, etc.; winter squashes like butternut or acorn squash or pumpkin; or plantains. Typically, one fist-sized serving of a starchy vegetable of some type per day is good for most people, but if you're very active, prone to depression or anxiety, or if you menstruate, during about the week or so leading up to your period, you may need more than that, and that is okay.


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