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Heartburn and burps with an empty stomach?

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Hey Gang!

I'm a total newbie to Whole30. My husband and I are in Day 3 of our first ever Whole30 (and really pretty excited about it)! We read the Timeline post before starting, and can I say that we are difinitively in-between the "hang over" stage and the "i just need a nap" stage.

One odd thing that has popped up is that I am getting heart burn on an empty tummy. I used to be a 3-meals-a-day with snacks in the middle kind of eater, and I have been very good about not snacking between meals. For the first time in I can't remember how long, I'm actually feeling my tummy growl and feeling hunger pangs. I think it's so cool!

Along with the hunger pangs and growly tummy came lots of burping and heartburn. Has this happened to anyone else? Should I stick it out a little while longer and see if that improves and goes away? Can I use natural heartburn remedies like Apple Cider vinegar or Aloe Vera juice if it gets really bad?

Just wondering. Thanks for listening! (or reading, rather.)

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I'm so sorry we missed this! Volume has been nuts since Jan 1! I hope the problem has passed, but for perspective or any others who are experiencing this:

Crazy hunger, to the point of pain, is a standard day 3 problem for me on a Whole30. It's like my body gets over-excited at the thought of food! I'd up your portion sizes a bit, drink plenty of water and yes, absolutely hit the ACV or Aloe if it gets painful :)

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