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I am in my 2nd w30 and it’s day 15 for me. My tips are: eat enough fat, don’t be scared to eat (I think this is especially important if you are hoping for weight loss- this isn’t a weight loss diet but I think we are conditioned to be scared of what we perceive as calorific foods- avocado, oil, oily fish, nuts, potatoes etc) , plan your menus and prep well In advance. If you’re driving home from work feeling starving, go through in your mind what you will eat when you get in- don’t leave it to the cupboards to decide for you!! Clear the non compliant stuff out of the cupboards, fridge, freezer. 

I think also a little tweak in your mindset is really important. You say ‘this is going to be tough to complete’ but it doesn’t have to be! Challenge yourself to give yourself one month of amazing self care. This is the greatest gift you can give yourself. 

you are on day 5- that’s amazing! What do you have planned for today? 

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One time I tried a whole30 and in the middle of it was Mother’s Day. Well I was in an Italian restaurant with my family and I decide to eat the pasta and drink the vino. It was wonderful. The next day I started over and did 30 days and I learned that it took me 45 days to get rid of the pain in my joints. So I consider that a victory !! You can do this!

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