Unpleasant dreams and jitters

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I am on Day 6 and woke up feeling extreme jitters and huge cravings to binge on carbs and sugar (which was my go-to before the Whole 30) I also experience regular unpleasant dreams of me eating non-compliant foods, such as ice cream cones and feel extreme shame. Any advice?



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It sounds like you're experiencing withdrawl from sugar/carbs.  The dreams are not uncommon - if you google 'Whole30 food dreams' you'll find tons of discussion and probably a few articles.

Don't give in.  Ensure your fat intake is sufficient by using the meal template as a guide, salt your food, drink 1/2oz of water per pound of body weight and honestly you just have to power through.

There's a link to the Whole30 timeline in my signature below that might also give you a bit of insight.

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