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Okay so... it is day 2 and I feel horrible.  My diet before starting was mainly fast food, carbs, and dairy (ice cream is my weakness).  Day one I ate and felt great till after dinner... I felt like I had the stomach virus.  That feeling of if I move I might be sick.  Fast forward to day 2 and I have that same feeling after breakfast, but this time I keep getting hot flashes too.  I have a thyroid autoimmune issue and they just increased my medicine two weeks ago so I am not sure if it is due to that or starting Whole 30 because I usually do not feel this way when they increase my medicine.  Only thing I can think is that it was bad timing to start Whole 30, but I have a lot of unhealthy habits and for me I have to do this to reset my system and start a healthier life.  

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I'm sorry you're feeling poorly. Make sure you are eating enough (according to the portions in the Meal Template) - especially fat and protein. Also drink plenty of water and be sure to salt your food. Take it easy for a few days.

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