Starting a bit tough

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Starting seems to be a big hurdle for me:

1)  Reading the Whole30 book is difficult.  I read a lot of online content, but when it comes to reading books and sometimes magazines carving out book reading  time is a struggle.  Also, the book contains too much "whatif" scenarios so am trying to skip to start program

2)  Cooking is a new skill for me.  Getting organized and meal planning seems to be a big hurdle.

I've no choice but to start because my energy is super low daily.  Month's detox diet and supplements didn't help.  I suspect constant inflammation.  I'm also getting in-depth medically tested.  Hope to conquer this low energy problem soon.


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@kennyc finding the motivation to start can be tough, but the sooner you start the sooner you will feel great. 
I find when I do a whole30 It helps if I strip my menu back at first and have similar things each day, so usually eggs, avo and fruit for breakfast; tinned fish and salad (and sometimes baked potato) for lunch, and then dinner is really the only thing I have to think about. Then when I start getting bored I can mix it up and add other things in. 

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