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Serik's Whole100


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Well, I guess I'll be starting my Whole100 tomorrow. We were supposed to start today, but didn't do enough planning for it to work today…ugh!

My partner and I did our first Whole30 in Oct/Nov, it was great. I expected to have a lot of trouble with cravings but didn't. I slept better, had more energy, and - best of all - didn't have a single headache the entire time! I get frequent migraines, had been getting them at least weekly, and they disappeared during the whole 30. I also experienced fewer body aches, and lost about 15 pounds. However, we finished up one week before Thanksgiving so didn't really do the re-introduction phase. I could tell as we were approaching the end of the 30 days that I still had some really ingrained habits that needed I needed more time to break. So we started talking about embarking on the journey of 100 days once the holidays were past.

We have three boys aged 4 and 3 (twins) who we are going to do a whole30 with - as much as we can, they all go to preschool and we're not going to restrict their snacks while there. I strongly suspect that they have difficulties with dairy and perhaps gluten too so we thought we'd give it a try and see what happens.

I've gotten pretty far off track since mid-December - about the time I started baking Christmas cookies and really get into the stress of the holidays. So, between the sugar and other crummy food and a significant lack of sleep, the fatigue and headaches are back full-force. I'm looking forward to feeling better again. I am very glad that I have the full support of my partner and am looking forward to tracking my progress, triumphs, and struggles here. I don't know if I'll actually manage to keep a daily log, but having something to look at and assess should be helpful.

Here's what I've got planned for tomorrow:

Breakfast: eggs scrambled in ghee with broccoli and onion, piece of fruit(?), black coffee

Lunch: deli turkey, baby carrots, apple (need to figure out some fat…this meal might be while we're out at the farmer's market and food co-op, nuts perhaps)

Supper: slow cooked beef short ribs with tomato and onion, broccoli, salad with EVOO dressing and avocado

Here's to success!!

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Hi Serik, 100 days, that is a great commitment good luck with it all. I'm about day 6 into 60 days, Also my second time around and wanting to spend some extra time on it to to break some of the old habits I have.

If you don't mind me saying your lunch tomorrow looks a little light on. I'd definitely be trying to add more protein as well as extra veges/salad and maybe some avocado for fat? BTW, the fruit at brekky is fine (if that is a question you are asking).

Good luck with it all. Hope your boys love the food too.

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