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I am currently day 17 and looking ahead. I really want to reap the benefits of my reintroduction period. I want to introduce legumes and non gluten grains first. So if I am reintroducing a food am I just going for it???? Like beans with every meal day 1 and see how I feel on day 2-3 while eating no beans? Then if I am good to go, day 4 eat 3 servings of non-gluten grains and see how it goes on days 5-6? Do I stick to one grain at a time or mix it up? also if I find a food is ok for me am I carrying it into the next reintroduction? Like have rice and beans on day 4 as I introduce non-gluten grains. I appreciate any help. I want to fast track a few things I miss before Easter. We will be traveling and celebrating with family and I think that will present a challenge. Thank you!

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Yes, have the food at each meal one day, then go back to Whole30 for at least two days. If you were to have a reaction that takes more than two days to recover from, don't reintroduce the next thing until you are feeling good again.

Once you've reintroduced a food, you don't have it again until you're completely done 2with reintroductions, so even if beans go well, you wouldn't have been and rice together when you reintro rice.

As for doing several non-gluten grains or just one, that's kind of up to you. You can do non-gluten grains generally, and have maybe oatmeal, rice, and corn at your meals, or if you're curious about how corn in particular affects you, you could do a separate day for just corn. If you did just corn, then you'd still do a separate day for other non-gluten grains. 

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