June attempt


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I'm feeling like I need some structure and discipline in my life right now. 

My body generally feels ok but I've been feeling 'off' recently. I've been slowly getting back to my pre-pandemic fitness routine of yoga and weight lifting but am finding it difficult to stay motivated. I feel sluggish and puffy a lot of the time. I have acne for the first time in years. My appetite is really out of whack - I have trouble identifying my hunger cues, and nothing seems appetizing to me. I haven't had a lot of desire to cook or do food prep and I want to change that.  

3 goals for the next month:

  • find some recipes and prepare meals for myself that I actually want to eat 
  • commit to a regular exercise routine 
  • stay hydrated 

What I want:

  • clearer skin
  • healthy appetite with strong hunger cues 
  • more vitality 
  • lose the water weight I've been carrying (puffiness)

I will be supplementing my diet with a daily probiotic, calcium-magnesium, bee pollen and herbal infusions (raspberry leaf, dandelion and nettle). 

I always have a coffee with breakfast but will switch to homemade almond milk instead of dairy. 

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Day 1 

  • smoothie (banana, blueberries, celery, cucumber, hemp protein, bee pollen)
  • (post-WO) 1/2 portion frittata, 1/2 baked yam
  • 1/2 baked yam, sardines in olive oil, carrot salad, pickles
  • decaf americano w/ almond milk, apple, small handful almonds
  • frittata, coleslaw


  • yoga
  • gym 

Today was good: I enjoyed my food and felt satiated. Felt my energy tank around 4pm so I had a snack and felt better, even though I didn't 'feel' hungry. I think my hunger might manifest in other ways - energy crash and sudden depressive episodes. It'll be interesting to be more conscious of this. Still figuring out portion sizes and when to eat, since I have trouble noticing when I feel hungry. I've dieted for most of my life and don't know what 'normal' looks like. I would like to experiment with preparing heartier, more nutritionally dense meals. I feel like I am beginning the process of shifting the way I think about food and eating. Baby steps. 

Keeping my exercise light right now - 20 minutes yoga. At the gym: 10 min cardio for a warm-up followed by gentle weight training. 

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Day 2

  • frittata + salsa, apple
  • sardines in olive oil, carrot salad, baked yam, pickles
  • smoothie (celery, cucumber, blueberries, hemp protein, bee pollen)
  • poached fish, coleslaw, larabar 


  • walked 5km 

 Overall fine but still feeling puffy :unsure: 

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Day 3

  • 2 poached eggs w/ salsa; roasted butternut squash
  • carrot salad, poached fish, pickles, apple slices
  • small handful of hazelnuts, kombucha
  • roast chicken, lemony potatoes, coleslaw, rx bar


  • yoga

Extra hungry and very sluggish today. Still figuring this out - how much and how often to eat. I feel like eating more frequently is something I need right now because the thought of limiting myself to 3 meals a day makes me panicky. I find it hard to arrange a giant plate of food for myself and prefer eating smaller amounts but every 2-3 hours. I think I'm eating less than usual as a result of trying to stick with 3 meals a day - need to eat more. Want to try to increase carbs as well. We'll see how this goes. I really felt satiated after dinner though and want to model my meals after this (ie. starchy carbs and protein) - next time I'll have fruit instead of the rx bar. I had a mild stomach ache after lunch but it went away after a couple hours. Had some kombucha and took a couple probiotic capsules, which helped a ton. Face is breaking out a bit :unsure:.


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Hi there! Hardly anyone seems to post on these boards anymore so I thought I'd say hi and wish you well on your June attempts. I'm just wrapping up myself (Day 30 today) and getting ready to tackle post-Whole30 life, which in some ways I find more challenging.

One small suggestion, if I may: You mentioned sometimes not feeling satiated after meals and needing to eat more often. Are you making sure to include some healthy fat in every meal? It's counter-intuitive when you're used to dieting but I find the Whole30 recommendation of including small portions of fat is crucial to feeling properly full, not needing snacks, and then working up a healthy appetite for the next meal. My go-to fat options are avocado, tahini, and homemade mayo.

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Hi! Ha, yeah it's pretty quiet round here. Thanks for responding with some good advice :) 

I got off-track so am starting again tomorrow. I actually had a successful W30 a couple years ago and was recently re-reading my log from that time and, yeah, I was definitely eating more fat that time (so many olives!). I picked up some avocados, and will make some mayonnaise tomorrow for a chicken salad. 

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Day 1

  • chicken-vegetable soup; avocado; sauerkraut 
  • tuna (in olive oil) w/ parsley salad (parsley, cucumber, capers, celery); hardboiled egg; apple
  • beef jerky (no sugar)
  • 2 scrambled eggs; smoked salmon; carrot salad


I got derailed by a nasty stomach bug - so starting over :) 

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