I’m allergic to eggs and eat minimal animal proteins

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My husband and I are planning out a Whole30 journey. He is allergic to eggs. We both eat meat, but he prefers to not eat it every day because he used to be vegetarian. Is there a version between Plant-Based and the original Whole 30 we can do together? We’d prefer to be on the same team. We have so much hunted and farm-raised meat in our fridge and freezer that I would hate to eliminate that. Is there any plant-based protein he can sub for meat on occasion? Could he have meat and quinoa and I have meat and eggs?

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Unfortunately, there is no mix and match option, you either do the regular Whole30 or you do the plant-based Whole30. Quinoa isn't allowed even on the plant-based Whole30.

Peas are allowed on regular Whole30 now (here's an article about that change: https://whole30.com/whole30-rules-peas/) but I'm not sure if that would be enough of an option for him,  I guess it would depend on how much protein he needs and how much meat he's willing to eat. 

Idk if you could find enough recipes where you were sharing sides and just doing your own proteins, but that might be a way to help cut down on cooking separate meals. For instance, if he did plant-based and you did regular Whole30, making stir fries where you both had the same vegetables, but he added tofu to his and you added chicken to yours. Or something like stuffed bell peppers or zucchini boats where yours had ground beef and his had some kind of beans. 

I would encourage you to both consider what you're wanting to get from Whole30. If either of you is really wanting the elimination and reintroduction aspect, it would probably be most effective to do the regular Whole30, even if it means your husband eating more meat than he'd prefer for a month and a half or so, just to have the benefit of reintroducing legumes to see how they affect you. If you're just trying to clean up your eating a bit, one or both of you may decide Whole30 isn't exactly right for you right now, and you might decide to use some of the guidelines but not actually do a Whole30. 


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