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Stephanie's Whole30


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I'm on day 3 now. I skipped the "What's the Big Deal?" and "Hangover" phase and went straight to "Kill All the Things". Hopefully this will pass soon.

Everything smelled like pizza today...which is odd because I hardly ever eat pizza. My left eye has been twitching since noon and I've been a cranky bitch since Saturday. However, my boyfriend says I'm less bitchy today (probably because I took it out on my coworkers).

On the plus side, my skin looks less pale and I'm sleeping better. I already feel lighter and have more energy. 27 days left (I might try to make it 45 or 60 days total though).

Todays meals were awesome:

Meal 1: 2 scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms and roasted brussels sprouts

Snack: Seasnax (original flavor)

Meal 2: Ground bison, sweet potato & broccoli + a side of blueberries

Snack: a spoonful of almond butter

Meal 3: Chicken stir fry (cubed chicken, red bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, sesame seeds, coconut aminos) - Yum!

Hope everyone on the Whole30 is doing well.

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I cheated yesterday. I had some Hail Merry macaroon stashed in my work fridge. I decided that having 1 wouldn't be so bad since they're just sweetened with maple syrup. Then one turned into 2, and 2 to 3 until I had 5 (because that's all that were left - or else I would have eaten more). I literally could feel the blood sugar spike. Then I had to go tutor a kid at his house. His house was all decorated for Valentine's day. This included a large bowl of some Mexican chocolate candy on the table we always work at. Of course I had to try one. It was gross. I instantly felt awful after consuming it. I was in a brain fog the rest of the night. Lesson learned. No more cheats.

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So . . . out of curiosity -- are you going back to day 1 and doing 30 more days starting today, or are you continuing on and chalking this up to a lesson learned the hard way? Personally, I find part of what keeps me honest (here on Day 5) is that if I cheat, then all the effort I put into not cheating on days 1-4 was wasted, and I'll trade my "25 days to go" self-talk for "30 days to go." I'm REALLY hoping this logic holds over the weekend and toward the end of week 2, which is when things always get dicey for me with any new & improved eating plan.

Either way, I'm glad you learned what you needed to learn, and look forward to following you on this journey.

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