Back again for September whole 30

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Hi Rebecca 

The ratatouille Sounds Like a great idea, it’s like a shakshuka.

oh yes cutting out nightshades would also be too restrictive for me.
I don’t always eat potatoes but when I don’t eat meat, I feel I need a little bit of sweet potato or normal potatoes or I get hungry again after 1 hour ;-)

yes I also make my chia puddings with frozen fruits & another favourite is grating an apple with cinnamon (cinnamon is supposed to be anti inflammatory) & raisins. Pop some roasted nuts on it in the morning & it’s a bit like a healthy muesli or Bircher muesli.

I don’t know why but I’ve been very moody this week/end & inpatient & irritable.

I can’t wait for Wednesday actually.

I’m planning to have some Prosecco or wine. I’m kinda done hahahaha 

have a lovely Sunday evening & good luck tomorrow going back to work.



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Day 27. I’m still not well, in fact today k have taken the day off work and stayed in bed all morning. Then got up and have had a very slow afternoon. I have not felt well now for weeks. I am feeling quite down about it as I have had a really successful w30, no alcohol for nearly 8 weeks and yet I don’t feel any better. No tiger blood at all (yet) and I feel exhausted and wiped out. I know it’s not really related to my w30 but I had hoped I would feel better and I feel the same if not worse. 
i intend to just carry on with the plan but as it is my husbands birthday we are going out for a meal on Saturday night and I may have a glass of wine if I feel like one, then back on it for another few weeks. Once I have kicked this virus I hope I will then feel the benefits of the last month! 

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Hi Rebecca,

I'm at day 30 today which means I'm finished & can start with the reintroductions tomorrow.

I'm sorry you still aren't well.

In a way it's good to know that you're not satisfied nor felt that Tiger Blood as I'm not feeling that as well & I have no idea what they're talking about as I never felt it. I am very low on energy as well & I think besides the water retention lost, I didn't lose any weight. I am usually 4-5 days/week in the gym or running or doing something... I haven't done anything (except going for walks), in the last 3 weeks. I just physically couldn't????

We are attending a wedding abroad this weekend so I will be eating out for 4 days which will make it impossible to keep a 100% on track so I will try my best to make the right choices but I will for sure enjoy champagne & wine.

I'm also coming back on Monday for a second round with hopefully more energy this time around.

See you on Monday & I sure hope you get to enjoy your dinner out & some wine! Maybe that's exactly what we needed ;-) 


Take care!




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Hi barbara. 
day 30 sort of came and went without any fanfare really. I didn’t feel well still. Thursday (day 31) I ate nothing all day, it was my sons birthday and I ate a piece of his cake (that’s all I ate all day - which I know is terrible and NOT how to reintroduce!) yesterday was my husbands birthday, and I drank 2 glasses of wine, and ate an Indian meal and rice. So again, not exactly how to reintroduce. I had a headache this morning and still feel this cold on my chest, like I could cough and cough all day. 
I’m definitely doing another 2 weeks back on it.. I don’t think I’ll manage a full 30 days as we have a night out planned for mid October that I will probably drink at, but I hope another 2 weeks will see this cold shifted and me feeling better (finally) 

I did lose 10lbs though- going from 160 to 150- which considering I did very little exercise and felt I had eaten a lot, is great. I imagine I regained a few of those last night though! So for the next two weeks I will continue with my food choices, I haven’t found the food a struggle at all this time. I do need to plan for this week better though as the week just gone I have had really odd meals and hardly any veg. 

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Hi Rebecca,

I suppose you could call it food adventures ;-)

I did quite well at the wedding & the whole weekend overall.

I tried to be careful & not drink too much.

I made wise food choices when I could & one evening only had a few slices of watermelon as that was my only option.

I think dairy is my trigger. We had a lobster bisque soup at the wedding dinner & someone mentioned there was cream in it. I ate the dessert as well which was something with chocolate & ice cream. I regretted one hour later.

I was bloated (like 4 months pregnant) & had reflux. So I’ll try to stay away from dairy as much as I can.

we came back last night & shops are closed here on Sunday. There was no food in the house. My husband decided to order pizza for the kids & my parents so I tagged along. I’ve never been a big pizza fan so I won’t have any issues to stay away from it. On another note, I believe gluten & wheat are ok for me as I didn’t have any issues after eating pizza.

I didn’t have breakfast & just treated myself to an açai bowl. There’s a little granola & a bit peanut butter on top but aside from that, I’ll try to stay on track.

I just realised we also have a few dinners coming up & kids have a 2 week holiday starting Friday afternoon so I’ll just try to keep paying attention to what I’m eating when I can make my own choices for now.

As soon as I can, I’ll be doing another round as it feels safe & even though I only lost 5 pounds, at least I’m not gaining weight & I got rid of the water retention & the bloating.

I’m hoping once I get back on track with exercise etc…, I’ll lose a bit more weight.

maybe my body needs a bit more time to lose the extra pounds I’d wish to lose.

My current weight is 160 & I’d like to get back to 150 or 145 which was my forever weight until I moved here & gained 10 lbs in one year…



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