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Whole30 #4 - start date: Jan 2


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Started round 4 yesterday. My goals this time are weight loss, reducing my sugar intake in the future; and regulating my cycle (I am TTC and have discovered that my cycle is really long, and often anovulatory)

Day 1 - Jan 2 (All times for meals are approximate)

Breakfast/Lunch (noon): Scrambled Eggs with sauteed peppers and onions; one Nespresso pod with about 4oz of Almond Breeze Unsweetened Coconut Vanilla Almond Milk     

Snack (3 pm): New Primal Turkey Meat Stick

Snack (5pm): Two pickled beets from my Love Beets pack

Dinner (6:30pm): 6 hot wings with Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce; Roasted potato wedges; dipping sauce: Primal Kitchen Ranch Dip (I think this may be new as I've never had it before, but it was delicious.  Didn't taste much like ranch, but still super tasty with the wings and with the wedges)


- Went to the gym around 1pm - 20 minute upper body with hand weights; 20 minutes lower body with hand weights; 10 minute full body stretch;

- Walked the dog for about 30 minutes around 4:30pm

How did I feel? Today felt pretty easy.  With this being my fourth round, I know what to expect and where to go in the store for the foods I need. Both the scrambled egg and hot wings are my go-to easy meals during Whole30.  I started developing a headache right around bedtime, which is the expected sugar withdrawals.



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Day 2 is a notoriously tough day for me.  Usually I get headaches, brain fog, and super intense cravings. For that day, I just snack a ton to help reduce the misery, so I'm going to skip the snack times and just list them at the bottom.  Also, I didn't say this on Day 1, but I'm linking all my products the first time they're referenced for my reference next time I do a Whole30 round

Day 2 - Jan 3 

Breakfast (9am): Two hardboiled eggs (not enough - I'll up this to three moving forward); La Colombe Cold Brew (I'll just call this iced coffee moving forward - this is my go-to bottle iced coffee) with my almondmilk.

Lunch (12:30pm): Two Chicken and Apple sausages (I'm blanking on the brand, but got them from Whole Foods. Very easy to microwave and eat); carrots and one Kirkland Signature Chunky Guacamole cup 

Dinner (7pm): Primal Kitchen Frozen Steak Fajitas with guacamole and Cholula hot sauce (My husband and I bought this last time we did Whole30 after seeing a few types at Whole Foods; it's... okay. It looks entirely unappetizing and we both added stuff to it for taste, but it was certainly edible. One of the benefits of Whole30 is the delicious and fresh food you eat daily and this just doesn't do it for me, but it does do it in a pinch); salad with Noble Made Citrus Zest dressing.

Snacks (ALL day): Archer Mini Beef Sticks (I get these from Costco); Pure Organics Layered Fruit Bars (also Costco); Solely Mango and Orange Fruit Gummies (lol, also Costco); Gimme Seaweed Snacks; Dill Pickles (I think we just have the generic store brand); Tea (Both Republic of Tea - Apple Pie Chai and Comfort and Joy)

Exercise: None

How did I feel? ROUGH. I was in the office yesterday, which compounded the issues I normally have on Day 2. I keep candy in my office for my coworkers, and I also have a snack drawer for myself.  I'll be leaving everything as is because I only go in once a week and my willpower will be even stronger next week. The organization I work for also occasionally puts on programs where we offer catering that we typically also get to eat, so I was sad to pass that up since the food is normally very good (I didn't look too closely yesterday, but it looks like steak medallions, rice, and salad, with mini cheesecakes for dessert). I did get to take home a bunch of free salad though!  Like, a 2-3 gallon container of it (just lettuce, shredded carrots, shredded cabbage and tomatoes).  So that'll be featured in a lot of my meals for the next few days

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I set a goal for myself to not snack during Day 3 after all of the snacking I did during Day 2

Day 3 - Jan 4 

Breakfast (11am): Three hardboiled eggs; iced coffee with my almondmilk (although I wound up letting this go bad and had to dump it as I made my breakfast at 9am when I started my work day and didn't bother eating it til close to 11)

Lunch (1:30pm): Salad with citrus zest dressing; a smoked salmon mixture I created on the spot - smoked salmon, diced cucumbers, diced carrots, dressed in Primal Kitchen mayo + chili crunch (turned out surprisingly good, although I wish I had sriracha instead of chili crunch); finished off with a cup of tea

Dinner (7pm): Panang Curry  (Mike's Organic Curry Love Penang Curry Paste + Coconut Milk) with chicken, green peppers and onions (we just ate this like a soup since we can't have rice and I've gone off cauliflower rice)

"Snack" (8:30pm): Made another cup of tea (Teekanne Winterzeit tea) because I needed something to occupy my hands and mouth instead of a nighttime snack in front of the TV (habit I'm hoping I can break!)

Exercise: None

How did I feel? Not bad!  I was a bit low energy and unmotivated most of the day, but that's fairly standard for me.  I actually got really focused around 3pm and managed to finish some work I've been procrastinating since before the holidays.  I'm hoping that'll happen again on Day 4, although maybe a little earlier since I'll be stuck in a meeting from 4-5pm.



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I'll admit I think I've forgotten some of my food - I need to start recording it somewhere throughout the day

Day 4 - Jan 5 

Breakfast (10am): Two hardboiled eggs; Comfort and Joy black tea

Lunch (12:30pm): I did the smoked salmon salad again, but I doubled the cucumbers and didn't do the carrot (too crunchy, but I may try it with shredded carrots); I tried using riced broccoli that I got from Costco to mimic rice since this feels a bit like a sushi or poke bowl, but once I microwaved it, I could tell the flavor profile just wasn't going to work, so I ate that by itself.

Tea (5pm): Cardamon Cinnamon Herbal Tea

Dinner (7pm): Primal Kitchen frozen Chicken Fried Riced Cauliflower. (This was actually really good - I didn't have high hopes for it after seeing it in the package, but it cooked up really nicely and easily); Salad with Barcelona Vinaigrette; Sliced Apples with almond butter (mixed a little cinnamon into the almond butter and that was tasty)

Exercise: 5 minutes or so of abs; I was hoping to follow a Peloton Ab class, but my TV was not cooperating, so I just did some general ab moves

How did I feel? It was a pretty unremarkable day.  I felt a bit unmotivated to do anything, but it wasn't a bad day in general


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Day 5 - Jan 6 

Breakfast (11am): One hardboiled egg (I got distracted by work and didn't think to eat til 11, so I just grabbed this to tide myself over); iced coffee with my almond milk.

Lunch (1:30pm): I sauteed up some diced peppers and onions, diced chicken sausage, and then had two fried eggs on top

Snack (6pm): This hardly counts, but I had a single dill pickle

Dinner (8pm): Hot wings + the Primal Kitchen ranch and Sweet Potato Fries with an aioli (mayo + Southwest seasoning)

Exercise: None

How did I feel?  Mostly fine, but I was having cheese cravings.  This is a first for me - usually it's sugar I'm craving.  But today I kept obsessing about how good cheese would be with everything. 

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Day 6 - Jan 7 

Breakfast (11am): Shakshuka (We use the Mina brand and add two eggs per person; so easy and delicious)

Lunch (2pm): Smoked salmon, carrots and guacamole

Dinner (6:30pm): Camel Wings from Lebanese Taverna (Article about Whole30 Compliant Restaurants in the DC area)

Exercise: None

How did I feel?  Pretty good overall.  Not super hungry most of the day. I had my first real test as I had a club meeting at a sports bar.  There was literally nothing on the menu I could eat - it was all fried foods and beer and wine.  I was prepared to order an unsweetened iced tea or see if they had a sparkling water, but there wasn't waiter service at the table were we were seated so I wound up just not buying anything, which works because I don't like unsweetened iced tea or sparkling water, lol. The toughest part was watching the others in my group order big pretzels and burgers.... Thankfully I ate lunch right before I went so I wasn't hungry.  I did chug like 24 oz of water to distract myself from their food

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Day 7 - Jan 8 

Breakfast (9:45am): two hard boiled eggs, then coffee at a coffee shop at around 10:15am (I brought along some of my compliant milk in a small container to add to my coffee)

Lunch (2pm): Sauteed potatoes, peppers and onions + Cholula hot sauce; two scrambled eggs + salsa

Dinner (7pm): Red Thai Curry (Red Thai Curry Paste + Coconut Milk + chicken + green pepper + onion + potatoes) with Spaghetti Squash nests

Snack (9:30pm): Apple Slices with Almond Butter

Exercise (4pm): Went to the gym and did 20 minutes of Pilates, 10 minutes of legs + glutes, 10 minutes of arms + shoulders, and 20 minute full-body stretch.  Not sure if I said this before, but I use the Peloton app and have been doing their classes; I was going to walk on the treadmill, but my mom called me and I decided to finish up

How did I feel?  Day 7 was a decent day until the very end.  I finally made it back to the gym, which I've been wanting to do regularly but didn't have the energy for up to this point.  I wound up being super hungry about an hour or so after dinner, which was a surprise since we added potatoes to the curry.  I tried to wait it out, assuming it was just my normal evening snack cravings, but I finally decided to eat something else around 9:30 because I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep if I was super hungry and trying to go to bed.  Unfortunately, I wound up having some insomnia anyway and couldn't fall asleep until nearly 4am. 

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Day 8 - Jan 9 

Breakfast (10am): two hard boiled eggs and iced coffee with compliant milk

Lunch (1:30pm): Smoked salmon, diced cucumber, shredded carrot with the mayo + chili crunch.  I also topped it with sesame seeds this time and tried to eat it scooped into the seaweed snacks I have, but they were too brittle so that didn't work.  

Dinner 1 (6:30pm): carrots and celery + guacamole; grapes

Dinner 2 (9:15pm): Buffalo Chicken Casserole (I added approximately three tablespoons of mayo and extra hot sauce to make it more moist since my mix looked a little dry; turned out delicious).  So, the story behind this: I went to a game night where we all bring food and eat during the night. It starts at 6:30 and I decided to make this casserole to bring so that I would have something filling and satisfying to eat, because I didn't expect anything else there to be compliant (I was wrong, someone brought grapes!).  Turns out, the prep took much longer than expected - I went to put it in the oven and discovered I needed to leave in 20 minutes while the casserole takes 45-60 minutes to cook. So I left my husband with instructions to get it out of the oven for me after I left and instead brought the celery and carrots and guacamole (and I stopped to buy tortilla chips for people to eat with the guacamole since carrots and celery aren't normally guacamole accompaniments; I gave that bag away at the end of the night). Then I served myself some at the end of the night when I got home.

Exercise: None

How did I feel?  The game night was tough - the food there is always delicious. And there are generally candy in dishes sitting along the table to snack on while we play as well. So I just munched on carrots and celery all night to keep my mind off the M&Ms sitting in front of me.  I'm also super sore from Day 7's workout - in the Legs and Glutes class we did deadlifts and my hamstrings are so tight from that.  I did some stretching, but I probably should have devoted a bit more time to it. Planning to get some light movement in on Day 9 to help ease the tightness

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Day 9 - Jan 10 

Breakfast (10:30am): two hard boiled eggs 

Lunch (1pm): Leftover casserole (this will be making a lot of appearances this week lol)

Dinner (7pm): Hot wings, Sweet potato fries with mayo + southwest seasoning (I'm nearly out of my southwest seasoning and they don't make it any more, so I'm a little sad to be using the last of it.  Hoping I'll like the alternate kind I've found just as much)

Exercise: None

How did I feel?  Had a rough evening.  I'm not sure what caused it, but I developed a very bad headache near the end of my workday.  I wound up going to bed before 10pm (probably climbed into bed around 9, which isn't very long after I finished eating since I'm a slow eater), which is highly unusual for me.  I was going to exercise last night, but I couldn't handle it with the headache.  

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Day 10 - Jan 11 

Coffee (8am) Poured my coffee for the drive into work

Breakfast (11am): two hard boiled eggs 

Lunch (12:30pm): Leftover casserole (I ate half of the dish I packed - the rest will make an appearance later in the day)

Snack (4:30pm) The remainder of the casserole; carrots and guacamole

Dinner (10pm): Leftover curry from earlier in the week

Exercise (7pm): 20 minute treadmill walk (3% incline - 1 mile); 15 minute arms and shoulders class, 10 minute core class, and 20 minutes of stretching (10 minutes legs, 5 minutes upper body and 5 minutes core)

How did I feel?  Much better after getting more hours of sleep than normal. I'm proud of myself for my discipline on Day 10.  I turned down croissants and pastries, as well as some chocolate and marzipan.  Then I went to the gym instead of going home to laze on the couch (which is what I reallllly wanted to do).  I could have pushed myself harder on the treadmill, or even during the strength workouts, but I'm happy I went at all. 

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Day 11 - Jan 12 

Lunch (12:30pm): Leftover casserole; mango/orange fruit gummies and layered fruit bars (just one of each).

Snack (7pm): two beets (finished off my pack of marinated beets)

Dinner (7:30pm): Taco night! We make a taco salad with shredded lettuce, ground beef + onion + bell pepper sauteed with compliant taco seasoning, salsa, guacamole, sliced black olives, and hot sauce

Exercise: none

How did I feel?  Just feeling really tired.  I wound up accidentally skipping breakfast because I got engrossed in work (and before that overslept, lol). I'm also getting really tired of that leftover casserole... 

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Day 12 - Jan 13 

Breakfast (10:30am): 2 hard boiled eggs

Lunch (12:30pm): Leftover casserole

Dinner (7pm): Baked salmon and roasted broccoli 

Exercise: none


Day 13 - Jan 14 

Breakfast (7:45am): 2 hard boiled eggs

Lunch (1:00pm): Leftover curry

Dinner 1 (4pm): 2 hard boiled eggs

Snack (8:30pm): plantains

Dinner 2 (11:15pm): 2 poached eggs + smoked salmon + lemon aioli (mayo + lemon juice + capers) 

Exercise: none

How did I feel? Saturday was a tough day.  I was in a training from 9am til 4pm, then a book club til 8pm. I should have just recognized that 2 hard boiled eggs weren't enough for dinner and eaten something more substantial when I got home, but instead i tried to tide myself over with a snack.  It didn't work and I just simply made dinner at 11pm. 


Day 14 - Jan 15 

Breakfast (9:45am): 2 hard boiled eggs (coffee at 10:15am)

Lunch (12:00pm): 2 Archer mini meat sticks and a Solely fruit jerky 

Snack (4pm): 1 Archer mini meat stick 

Snack (6pm): a layered fruit bar

Dinner (7pm): Hot wings and sweet potato fries 

Exercise: none

How did I feel? I didn't have much of a break for lunch - basically left book club to go straight to more training til 5pm. So I packed some meat sticks to hold me over til dinner.  It worked thankfully, but I was definitely ready for a more chill day at home for day 15 


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Day 15 - Jan 16 

Breakfast (11:15am): 2 fried eggs (with TJ's everything bagel seasoning), topped with chili crunch + smoked salmon on the side with a chili crunch aioli (mayo + chili crunch)

Lunch (4:00pm): 2 Chicken and Apple sausages 

Snack (8:15pm): 1 banana 

Dinner (8:30pm): Jamaican Chicken Curry, Solely fruit gummies 

Exercise: none

How did I feel? It was a day off work for me on Monday, and I barely left my couch.  I should have gone to the gym with the extra time, but after a super busy weekend, I just wanted to be lazy. 


Day 16 - Jan 17 

Breakfast (9am): 2 hardboiled eggs

Lunch (12:00pm): Smoked salmon with shredded carrots and diced cucumbers and the chili crunch aioli 

Dinner (6pm): Taco Tuesday! Diced onion, pepper and ground beef with the Siete seasoning, on a bed of shredded lettuce, topped with guacamole, salsa, hot sauce, and pickled jalapenos

Snack (9pm): 1 banana (my husband bought these and, honestly, it's such a bad idea for me to have them sitting around)

Exercise: none

How did I feel? Busy day at work so I didn't have a lot of control over when I ate (thanks all-day meetings). Otherwise, uneventful day


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Day 17 - Jan 18 

Coffee (8:15) (it's my in-office day, so coffee for the commute)

Breakfast (9:45am): 2 hardboiled eggs

Lunch (12:30pm): Two bratwurst with the Whole Foods brand German Mustard; carrots and guacamole (I ate half the carrots at lunch and finished them up midafternoon sometime) 

Dinner (8:30pm): leftover Jamaican Chicken Curry

Snacks (9pm): Gogo Squeeze Applesauce, Bear Fruit Rolls, and That's It Mini Fruit Bars (I made the mistake of going to Costco hungry:blink:)

Exercise: none

How did I feel? Fine.  I regret the impulse shopping at Costco, but I'm sure I'll happily eat my goodies

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Day 18 - Jan 19 

Breakfast (10:15am): 2 hardboiled eggs

Lunch (12:15pm): 4 Amylu Italian Meatballs, Rao's Homemade Marinara Sauce, riced broccoli (lol, a very Costco meal)  

Dinner 1 (5:45pm): 2 Italian sausages

Dinner 2 (7pm): Mixed Fruit and Cornichons (Wegmans)

Exercise: none

How did I feel? Had two dinners because I had a book club, where I normally would have just eaten dinner, but I was worried I wouldn't be able to find something to actually eat so I ate protein before I left.  The club was held at the cafeteria area of Wegmans so I just bought a couple of snacks and noshed durng the meeting.  A bunch of other people got sushi and I was pretty jealous - I miss sushi so much. 

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Day 19 - Jan 20 

Breakfast (10:15am): 2 hardboiled eggs and 1 banana

Lunch (12:00pm): Diced cucumber, sliced carrots, smoked salmon with chili crunch aioli  

Dinner (7:00pm): Shakshuka 

Exercise: none

How did I feel? I'm sure I'm forgetting something - I totally forgot to write my food down throughout the day


Day 20 - Jan 21 

Breakfast (11:00am): two poached eggs, with smoked salmon and a lemon aioli

Lunch (2:45pm): meatballs and marinara  

Dinner (9:00pm): went to a seafood boil place and got a pound of snow crabs and some raw oysters 

Snack (10:30pm) fruit roll and gummies

Exercise: none

How did I feel? Met up with some friends at a bar in the evening and drank water.... I really miss wine and cocktails.  I shouldn't have gotten the evening snack but my husband got one so I did. Of course, I never should have bought those fruit snacks in the first place.

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Day 21 - Jan 22 

Breakfast (10:00am): Epic Venison meat bar, Cinnamon Applesauce, iced coffee with my compliant milk

Lunch (2:30pm): Three fried eggs with Shichimi Togarashi seasoning (newly at Costco) + sauteed peppers and onions   

Dinner (8:45pm): Hot wings + Sweet potato fries and southwest aioli 

Snack (9:30pm) fruit roll and gummies

Exercise (6:15pm): Went to the gym and did 20 minutes of Pilates, 15 minutes of strength classes (mainly upper body but a little bit of core) and a 10 minute full-body stretch

How did I feel? Went to my favorite wine bar for a boor club and ordered a tea. Was very distracted by the yummy smell of cinnamon rolls at the coffee shop in the AM. Spent my evening browsing online chocolate shops. Definitely counting down the last 9 days...

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I got sick so I've been a bit behind in updating this.  I'm sure I forgot to write down some snacks...

Day 22 - Jan 23 

Coffee (8:15am) In-office day so I grabbed a coffee for the commute.  I actually bought a nitro cold brew from Starbucks and added some of my milk

Breakfast (10:15am): 2 hard boiled eggs

Lunch (1:00pm): Meatballs and marinara

Snack (4:00pm) mixed fruit (leftovers from a program we're running at work - blackberries, pineapple, blueberries, and grapes)  

Dinner (8:30pm): Roasted broccoli.  There's a story to this - it was meant to be salmon and roasted broccoli, but I accidentally bought too much broccoli (or tried to make too much) and my husband told me it was too much broccoli, but I got stubborn and said it wasn't too much to eat for two people and that I could eat ALL of it myself.  So he had two pieces of salmon and I had 2 lbs of broccoli.  In case anyone is wondering - 2 lbs of broccoli is too much broccoli...

Exercise: None

How did I feel? Good.  This was my last day in the office before Whole30 ends.  


Day 23 - Jan 24 

Lunch (1:00pm): Diced cucumbers, shredded carrots, smoked salmon and the chili crunch aioli

Dinner (7:00pm): Taco night - ground beef with the Siete seasoning on a bed of shredded lettuce with salsa, pickled jalapenos, guacamole and diced tomatoes

Exercise: None

How did I feel? Lol, besides my stomach processing all that broccoli, good.  I was full until lunchtime, when I still wasn't hungry, lol. I was also super bloated all day.  Toward the end of the day, I started getting a headache so I went to bed early... it didn't help  


Day 24 - Jan 25 

Lunch (1:00pm): Scrambled eggs (three eggs) with smoked salmon, chili crunch, and Togarashi seasoning; I also had some applesauce and fruit gummies

Dinner (7:00pm): Shakshuka 

Exercise: None

How did I feel? Massive migraine all day.  I called off work and spent the entire morning in bed or the bathtub, then laid on the couch all afternoon before going to bed early after dinner.  I'm sure I missed recording some snacks


Day 25 - Jan 26 

Breakfast (10:00am) Two hardboiled eggs

Lunch (12:00pm): diced cucumbers, chopped carrots, smoked salmon + chili crunch aioli

Dinner (7:30pm): Spinach and Artichoke stuffed mushrooms (the leftover filling will make an appearance in Day 26 meals for sure - it was tasty); 2-3 plantain chips (see note below)

Exercise: None

How did I feel? I still had a small headache for most of Thursday, but was feeling better by the evening.  My husband has left for a bachelor party (so obviously ended Whole30 early).  I was tempted to end early as well, but decided to stick to it anyway.  Made the stuffed mushrooms as a little treat, something different from my normal standard meals. 

I have purchased something that isn't exactly compliant as a treat as well - store-bought plantain chips (fully compliant ingredients, just against the Pancake Rule).  I've opened them and had a couple to scrape the sides of the Spinach and Artichoke filling bowl after I transferred the leftovers into a container.  They are okay - definitely intended to replicate potato chips.  I don't normally eat chips, and when I do, it's usually about 7-10 chips and I'm done, so I wasn't too worried about breaking that part of the Pancake Rule (which in my opinion is meant to help break bad habits and cravings).  We'll see if I wind up eating my words and binging on plantain chips, but I doubt it


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Day 26 - Jan 27 

Breakfast (9:15am) Two hardboiled eggs

Lunch (12:45pm): A Three-egg omelet with the spinach and artichoke filling from the stuffed mushroom recipe

Snack (2:15pm) Solely gummies and applesauce

Dinner Part 1 (6:30pm): I baked up some of the spinach and artichoke filling in a ramekin and ate it like spinach and artichoke dip with the plantain chips

Dinner Part 2 (7:30pm) sweet potato fries with a southwest aioli

Exercise: None

How did I feel? I'm PMSing, which means I'm craving carbs so I was really struggling with wanting snacks


Day 27 - Jan 28 

Brunch (11:00am) Two eggs, scrambled with diced onions, smoked salmon and chili crunch on the side

Dinner Part 1 (6:15pm): Salad with a vinaigrette 

Dinner Part 2 (6:45pm) Used the remaining filling to make more stuffed mushrooms (got portobello caps this time)

Snack (9:00pm) Three oranges (lol, the carb cravings) 

Exercise: None

How did I feel? good.  Was meant to go to the gym and didn't... Definitely failed at adding exercise into my Whole30

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Day 28 - Jan 29 

Coffee (11:00am) 

Lunch (2:30pm): Two fried eggs (used Trader Joes Umami seasoning) with sauteed onions; smoked salmon with chili crunch; oranges 

Snack (3:00pm) Two oranges

Dinner (7:30pm) Hot wings; sweet potato fries with southwest aioli

Exercise: None

How did I feel? Overall good.  My husband came back from the bachelor party and he's now back on Whole30 til the end of my Whole30.  For some reason I had insomnia at the end of Day 28.  I think it may have been the coffee since I've basically cut it out otherwise.  Didn't get to bed until like 7:30am the following day :wacko:

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Day 29 - Jan 30 

Lunch (3:00pm): Two scrambled eggs with chili crunch, Two Italian sausages, diced and sauteed

Snack (time unknown, maybe like 3:30?) Two oranges

Dinner (7:30pm) Shakshuka

Snack (time unknown, maybe like 9:00?) Fruit gummies and applesauce

Exercise: None

How did I feel? Well, after not falling asleep until 7:30 am, it was a rough day.  I called in sick to work and spent most of the day in bed, but not asleep (I slept about 3-4 hours).  Not the best way to end my Whole30 (writing this on Day 30, still feeling blah)

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Day 30 - Jan 31 

Breakfast (10:00 am) Two hardboiled eggs (sort of... I only ate half of each because they had a bizarre taste tot hem.  Potentially they've gone bad or absorbed some weird fridge smell)

Lunch (12:15pm): Two scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and chili crunch

Dinner (7:00pm) Taco Night

Exercise: None

How did I feel? Excited to be done! I was pretty low energy all day thanks to the rain and recovering from the day before.  But I am so glad to have remained compliant for the entire 30 days.



My measurable differences:

- 13.6 lbs lost (5% of my bodyweight - I started Whole30 severely obese and am now only in the obese category)

- Lost 1.25 inches around my bust (wouldn't have minded keeping those inches lol)

- lost 1.5 inches from under my bust 

- lost 2 inches from my waist 

- lost 1.25 inches from my gut/lower belly 

- lost 1.25 inches from my hips

- lost 1.5 inches from my left thigh (assuming the same for the right, but I don't measure both)

- My resting heart rate plummeted toward the end of this Whole30 (was 74 bpm on day 1 and 64 bpm on day 30, but it took about half the month for it to start decreasing)


My non-measurable differences:

- reduced cravings (can't say no more, because PMS hit me hard this cycle)

- I'm able to better recognize whether I'm actually hungry, or just eating because it tastes good or I'm bored

- more consistent energy throughout the day

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