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Over Easy Cafe in Chicago

Elizabeth Anne

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Hi all,

I just went to my very favorite breakfast/brunch restaurant in Chicago, Over Easy Cafe, and they were happy to work with me to make a compliant meal! I called ahead a few days ago to see how much modifying would have to happen for this to be feasible (e.g., I found out that they usually use canola oil for cooking, but they said I could bring in my own stuff and they would use it) and ventured out this morning with my housemate who is doing the Whole30 along with me. We brought an index card detailing the things that the Whole30 diet avoids and gave it to them, and brought our own ghee for them to cook with, and they produced for us scrumptious food with big smiles. Our waitress explained that the chefs are happy to take all kinds of things out of a given recipe, but they are unlikely to be willing to add anything back in, so I encourage you to read the menu carefully and plan accordingly.

I had: the smoked salmon egg scramble, minus the cheese, with a side of fruit (1 raspberry, 1 blackberry, 2 strawberry halves, 1 orange slice, 2 small pineapple wedges, 2 small wedges of cantaloupe and honeydew thinly sliced) instead of toast and potatoes. I swear the chef gave me twice as much smoked salmon as usually comes in the scramble, to make up for not having any cheese. Yum!

Housemate had: the Acelga Picosa omelet (eggs, jalapenos, swiss chard, onions) with salsa roja and Cholula hot sauce, minus the cheese from the omelet and the sour cream on top, with a side of fruit (same as above) instead of toast and potatoes.

People, it was AWESOME. I cannot say how wonderful it is to be able to go out to eat at my favorite breakfast place during my Whole30!

Their web site: http://www.overeasycafechicago.com/

Their Facebook page: https://www.facebook...easycafechicago

Also, they serve Julius Meinl coffee and loose-leaf teas, which are fabulous too, even though we didn't have any this morning since my housemate is forgoing caffeine for her Whole30.

I cannot recommend them more highly. If you are in or near Chicago and want to go out for a Whole30-compliant breakfast or lunch, go up to approximately Lawrence and Damen (it's on Damen) and bring your cooking oil of choice for them to use. It is so worth it. (And, if you like, tell them that Elizabeth sent you, and that you're going by the same rules that are on the index card with her name on it. :) )


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