Refined Peanut Oil & Allergens

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I cannot find nuts that are not roasted in peanut oil that are not ridiculously priced, or somehow linked to unicorns as I saw on another forum post.  This is very frustrating since everywhere it says that nuts and seeds are your 'go to' for snacks, but again, the compliant ones are extremely expensive.  I have probably read 100 cans of nuts so far this week at various stores and all are roasted in peanut oil.

I was discussing this issue with my friend who has a terrible peanut allergy.  Just a slight exposure to peanuts will send her to the hospital.  She was at a restaurant where they dipped a spoon into a sauce with peanuts and then dipped into the sauce that was placed on her fish and she wound up in the ER.  However, her allergist told her that refined peanut oil removes the allergen so she is fine to eat food that has been prepared in this type of peanut oil.  She is able to eat at Chick-Fil-A which uses peanut oil.  She can eat nuts that are roasted in peanut oil.

Here is the link to the article about peanut oil:

Please advise on both issues:  Where can I get compliant nuts that won't break the bank and what's wrong with refined peanut oil?

Thank you!


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Hi there! That's super interesting about the removal of the allergen! We eliminate peanuts on the Whole30, not because of the allergen but because they fall into the legume category. Your better bet for nuts and seeds is to buy those that are not roasted - raw almonds, cashews etc will not have any additional oils in them. I know that Costco sells huge bags of raw nuts - I won't comment on how reasonably priced or not they are as that is subjective to each person based on their finances.

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