W30 Compliant Methylated Vitamin B Suggestions?

Beth Y.

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Hi - I am on day 1 of my fourth whole30 - woot! Excited for a reset.

I found out through several blood tests about a year and a half ago that my Vitamin B levels are drastically low, despite eating plenty of foods with available Vitamin B (I eat fairly healthy even when not whole30-ing). I was so lethargic and could not figure out why becuase I was eating fairly healthy, exercising, etc. Per my doctor, my body appears to not be able to break down vitamin B from foods and I need to take methylated forms of Vitamin B (i.e. in a form in which my body can readily take it in). I read somewhere that medications are ok to continue, but to check the ingredients of supplements. I admit I am thoroughly confused as to what is an allowable ingredient in supplements. For example, before W30 I was taking a tincture called "methylfactors"(https://us.fullscript.com/catalog/products/methyl-factors-2-fl-oz/U3ByZWU6OlZhcmlhbnQtNjg2NjM=) that contains stevia - so I am guessing that is not W30 compliant, correct? I was looking at an option from Pure Encapsulations because I have heard this is a fairly reputable supplement company - specifically the "B-complex plus" (https://www.pureencapsulationspro.com/b-complex-plus-capsules.html?_br_psugg_q=vitamin+b). One of the ingredients is "ascorbyl palmitate" - I can't really find any information on if this is a whole30 compliant substance.

Any suggestions are helpful!! Any others out there with vitamin B methylation issues? What methylated B supplements do you recommend that are W30 compliant and work? Thank you!

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Hi Beth, doctor's rules trump Whole30 every time...we encourage you to try and find a supplement that does not have a specifically non-compatible ingredient in it - the Pure Encapsulation one is compatible. That said, one is a capsule and one is a liquid so you may find that they work differently for you. If you had to go back to the liquid form that had the stevia, that being a doctor's order and stevia being pretty benign in those quantities, that would be fine.

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