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Hello. Does anyone know much about the good foods brand?  https://www.goodfoods.com/

I have an example of a couple items (queso and tzatziki) that are sold at Target. I was curious if they are whole 30 compliant. Was checking out the good foods website and they have a lot of items I am interested in, so that is why I am curious if possibly they are a whole 30 compliant brand for all of their items or if you know of which ones are? Thank you!



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These two items are fine.  You can look under Whole30 Approved link at the top of this page and see if they're listed.  If they're not, then you just need to look at the ingredients of anything of theirs that you want to use.  If they are, it's not necessarily that their whole line would be approved so you'd still need to look on the products for the Whole30 Approved logo.

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