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Whole30 Bottled Dressings?

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I came across a luscious Whole30 salad recipe that uses an Elderberry vinaigrette.  I thought that there was a recipe for the vinaigrette but saw that it was actually a bottled dressing by Whole30.  I then learned that there were other Whole30 bottled dressings but can't find where to buy them.  Does anyone know anything about these bottled dressings.  Unfortunately, Primal Kitchens doesn't offer a similar vinaigrette.  Thanks!

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In August 2020, we launched our Made By Whole30 line of sauces and dressings to support your Whole30 and food freedom journeys. From House Ranch to Secret Sauce, we are so proud of the delicious, high-quality condiments we’ve produced, and honored to count you as a customer and fan.

In the two years since, we’ve experienced all the trials many other food brands have faced, like supply chain disruptions and the rising cost of fuel and ingredients. Because we’re still a small team and food manufacturing is complex, we’ve had to pull resources and budget away from our core mission (like creating free resources and recipes and answering community questions) to keep our line of dressings going. Needless to say, it’s been a challenging journey, and at the turn of the year, we found ourselves at a crossroads.

In the new year, I want my team to have the capacity and resources to focus on what we do best: leading you through the Whole30; supporting you in your food freedom; providing delicious recipes and inspiring articles; and fostering a nourishing community experience. As such, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue production of our Made By Whole30 line of products.

What this means for you, as a Made By Whole30 customer

Our friends at Thrive Market will sell our Made by Whole30 dressings on their site while supplies last… and maybe even beyond? I can’t say too much just yet, but we’ve been cooking something up with Thrive Market for the past few weeks, because the idea of you going without your beloved House Ranch or Creamy Balsamic made all of us sad, and we think we may have a solution. Stay tuned for more from us and Thrive Market soon!

While our Made by Whole30 line are retiring, we are just as committed to connecting you with the products and brands that make your Whole30 easier, more convenient, and tastier. Check out Whole30 Approved Partners in the Fridge & Pantry Staples section of our website to find your new favorite Approved dressing or sauce. Our Approved partners take all of the guesswork out of reading ingredients, whether you’re on a Whole30, have specific dietary restrictions, or just enjoy the lifestyle.

Thank you so much for your support of our Made By Whole30 line. While saying goodbye is bittersweet, my team and I are already looking ahead to plan for new and creative ways to help you feel and live your best with the Whole30 program and in your food freedom.


Melissa Urban

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