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Shadow's May 2024 Whole 30

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Pre-start: Thursday May 2, 2024

I want it again, to feel the way I know Whole30 can make me feel.  Today I am starting to clear my fridges, pantry and freezer of non-compliant food. Today's goal is to clean out the main fridge, prepare some carrots for easy snacking and cooking, and make some potato-egg salad for tomorrow. I will be easing into W30, knowing from past experience that KATT is much worse if I quit carbs cold turkey. 

Update, kitchen fridge has been cleaned. I need to eat through some non compliant food before beginning W30... cheese, yogurt and non compliant salsa.  The carrots and potato egg salad will have to wait.

Hack to Habit: clean up the kitchen after every meal, down to the bare counter!

Hack to Habit: aim to drink 24 oz water four times daily - beginning overnight to before breakfast, between breakfast and lunch, between lunch and dinner, between dinner and bedtime. I need to break my soda, beer and sangria habit!

Hack to Habit: begin to increase my vegetable intake now by eating at least one carrot every day.


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