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Super-human PMS?


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That's hilarious and, unfortunately, familiar. I have extremely bad PMS that I'm trying to get rid of by cutting out coffee and doing a Whole100. I watched the saddest movie I have literally ever watched in my life the other day. Warning: never under any circumstances watch the movie Kes. It's about a poor boy growing up in Birmingham who finds and trains a kestrel. One of the best but saddest things ever. I cried and cried.

Hang in there, buddy. :) I'm fighting the same battle. Are you also irritable and hate everything that comes out of everyone's mouth?

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Yup. I have been like that for years. Damn grains & sugar (OK and probably wine too.) I am on #20, and despite a litlle(BIG) spat with my husband, I haven't cried in over a week!!! I mean seriously. I cry watching to Tour de France every year... as well a numerous commercials, AND COMEDIES. Don't get me going on movies. IT GETS BETTER. Good Luck!

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yeah PMS was DEFINITELY different during my whole 30. I hope it settles down in the next few months. Two days before I started I blew up at my husband and then broke down crying. Much more extreme than I'm used to.

one trick if you can tell you've hit PMS, up your starchy veggies like sweet potatoes, root veggies and winter squashes. It definitely did help. Plus having an understanding husband helps too. :)

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