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Clarissa's Whole30 log - 01/21/2013 start


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Seeing as how I'm doing this whole30 to hopefully resolve chronic sinusitis and generally be in better health, I thought I should log how I feel each day.

Monday 01/21/2013:

Felt pretty good. Sleep is still bad but I'm hopeful it will improve.

B: Steak, eggs and OJ

L: nothing, too busy grocery shopping for this Whole30.

D: leftover steak, sweet potato, avocado and olives

I'm still on antibiotics for this last sinus infection. I'm concerned about the sheer cost of organic produce and grassfed/free range meats. I did end up buying quite a lot of spices this last trip to the store so maybe I've got a bit of sticker shock right now.

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Tuesday 01/22/2013:

This day started off kinda bad. I forgot to take my antibiotic the night before so I took it in the morning....on an empty stomach. That was such a bad idea. I developed a migraine over the course of the day caused by sinus pressure. It's gone now and it's left me quite tired.

B: 2 avocados, 2 eggs...one avocado was an emergency avocado to help stave off nausea from taking my antibiotic on an empty stomach.

L: Steak, spinach, and an orange

D: Chicken salad (chicken, green apple, celery, shallot, mayo) x 2 and an orange.

I ended up quite hungry today hence the double portion of chicken salad. Tomorrow hopefully will be better.

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I'm sorry you are feeling bad.

Let me offer some notes on your food in the order of your logs.

Breakfast of steak, eggs, OJ: Drinking OJ is not okay during a Whole30. You can use it as a sweetener in a recipe, but not as a beverage. We want you to eat whole foods. Eating an orange would be good, but not the juice. We ask you to get some veggies into all meals. Breakfast can be difficult, but some chopped onion and some spinach mixed in with the eggs works. Or some salsa on the eggs.

Lunch of nothing: That don't work. It messes with your hormones and seriously undermines a Whole30.

Dinner of steak, sweet potato, avocado, olives: Protein, carbs, fat, but no veggies. Yes, sweet potato is a veggie, but it is a special veggie. Eating sweet potato as your only veggie is okay at probably one meal per day, but this proved to be your only veggie all day. You need more veggies. I assume you were hungry having skipped lunch, so going heavy on the fats by eating an avocado and olives makes sense. However, when you are eating three meals per day, it would be better to spread your fat around and not have a double dose in one meal.

Breakfast of 2 avocados and 2 eggs: Need veggies at breakfast and the double dose of fat is an issue.

Lunch of steak, spinach, and an orange: Now you hit the food groups - protein, veggie, and fruit. Good job.

Dinner of chicken salad and an orange: Dinner is too light on veggies. Celery and shallots is usually a tiny part of anything. You need more veggies in bulk.

I am not surprised that you have been hungry. I bet you need to eat a lot more. How much more? Consult the meal template for guidance - http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf

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Wednesday 01/23/2013:

Migraine is gone but that was my own fault anyway. Got up, got my son to the bus stop and then put on a pork roast for pulled pork "tacos" for dinner. Cleaned for the rest of the day but also took a nap. The migraine took its toll on my energy.

B: Scrambled eggs with sauteed baby bella mushrooms, hot pomegranate raspberry tea sweetened with a bit of pomegranate juice

L: I know I ate something and I know it was compliant but can't remember what it was, lol

D: Pulled pork "tacos" - Pulled pork, tomato, fresh cilantro, tomatillo salsa, avocado on romaine lettuce leaves.

I struggled to find a good veggie to go with the pulled pork when I was at the store. I ended up doing more tomato with mine while the rest of the family had mexican rice as their side. The family absolutely loved the pulled pork so much so that my 7 year old (who complains about eating anything) ate two tacos and a side of rice without complaint. Victory! This recipe is a keeper. I did have a bit of trouble being hungry later that night and I'm not sure if it was all the cleaning I did or if it was the tiny lettuce leaves filled with a tiny amount of meat, topped with a tiny amount of veggies. I heated up a bowl of the pulled pork, put the same ingredients minus the avocado on it and voila....no more hunger. Guess Tom is right and I'm not eating enough?

If all my recipes turn out as good as the pulled pork, I could really get used to this. As far as how I'm feeling? Cleaning = dust floating around so my allergies are not being good today but generally I feel more....together? Except for my crappy memory, lol. Hopefully this Whole 30 will help with that too.

I didn't do a good job of grocery shopping. I need more veggies period. I didn't buy enough. Next week I'll try to remedy that.


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Thursday 01/24/2013:

B: Scrambled eggs with garlic, cilantro, tomatillo salsa and an orange.

L: Bowl of leftover pulled pork with a tomato, cilantro, tomatillo salsa

D: Baked chicken, sweet potato and spinach.

I work 4p to Midnight so I'm still full from lunch. I brought an apple to go with dinner but I doubt there will be room to eat it. I've come to a conclusion....my stomach is not big enough for all the food I need to eat. I know there's still not enough veggies at breakfast and I really do love a sauteed veggie omelet, I just didn't buy enough veggies.

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Friday 01/25/2013, Day 5:

B: Scrambled eggs with garlic, spinach, cilantro, lime and tomatillo salsa. Tea sweetened with pomegranate juice.

L: Lemon Dill Salmon, sweet potato, apple

D: Lemon Dill Salmon, a giant salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette, orange

Eating a sweet potato today to help with a headache. Not sure if its from lack of carbs, detox or what.... My days run late since I work 4p-Midnight so I haven't eaten lunch yet. I may try to split the sweet potato and salad between lunch and dinner for more balanced meals.

I'm still feeling pretty good other than the headache. It may be sinus related though. I'm allergic to pretty much everything outside. It may take more than 30 days for these chronic sinus infections to resolve I think. That's okay though. I'm feeling pretty good eating the way I am eating now. I just hope I can keep it up and not get bored. Sometimes I get too busy to really look for recipes even though I have a zillion cookbooks.


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Saturday, 01/26/2013, Day 6:

B: Scrambled eggs with spinach, garlic and salsa, orange

L: Leftover pulled pork and roasted brussel sprouts, orange

D: Rosemary shrimp scampi (rosemary, olive oil, garlic, shrimp, salt, pepper) over steamed spaghetti squash

I'm feeling better every day though I still think I'm detoxing. Things are going good!

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