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So Proud of myself

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Hello Everyone,

Im 7 days in a i feel good, little dragging but getting there. Been hitting the gym hard and eat 99.9 percent perfect :0).

I figured i share this story...

I went to my mother in laws to stay the night( my wife works wed, sat sun, and her moms house is 1 mile away from her job) My wife and 3yr old stay over tues nights also because while my wife and i work my mother in law watched my daughter AVA. Anyways, her moms house is filled with snacks treats like, cookies,candy,potato chips, wine,soda etc. Usually when i go i have a binge. This time around i did NOTHING!!! It made me feel good that im doing it :0)

To Boot, i usally go to bed at 9-930 cause i wake up at 4am for the gym. I didnt fall asleep till 1045(my fav show was on :0)..lol) I still got up at 4 and felt great.



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