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W30 Extension, Reintro Timing & Fear!


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Hello again all--

I'm on Day 28 and of course am thinking about reintroduction. And--perhaps predictably--am considering extending my Whole30. Overall, I feel pretty great - sleeping well, more relaxed, less anxious, etc. But, I haven't had the greatest habits recently (snacking, staying up too late playing video games, not exercising much, etc.) and I feel as though I could be doing so much better. Additionally, here are some other reasons why I might want to extend my Whole30 a week or two more:

  1. The occasional non-compliant supplement. Man! My first whole30 was derailed in part due to a supplement containing wheat, so how did I manage to miss soy in two others?! I don't know how much the teeny-tiny amount that is found in these supplements (which, honestly, I was pretty annoyed with myself for not taking consistently :P) has affected my results, but it might be worth adding another week or two to see;
  2. Possible dairy during week 1? I had a jar of "ghee" that seems to have milk solids at the bottom of it...? I dunno what's going on there, but as soon as I thought to question it, I stopped eating it, and probably haven't since day 2 or 3, if that. At any rate, I'd like to give myself a little more time;
  3. Recent stomach issues. I made a thread a while back regarding potentially stress-induced stomach pains I've been having. I'm still having them occasionally, and the night before last night I couldn't sleep I was in so much pain. I've been eating a bit too much fruit lately, and want to include it because it's delicious, but in a more healthy way. Same goes with coconut flakes... I have these hangups about how expensive proteins are, restrict them excessively, and then overeat fresh and dried fruit and coconut because it's there. Guh;
  4. Timing. On February 17th, I'm going to stay at my grandparents' house for a while. They are awesome and have been educating themselves on nutrition for decades. While they are not by any means paleo, they understand food sensitivities from gluten to lectins to nightshades, and I believe it would be easy to reintroduce certain things there. But I might be tempted by non-compliant ingredients in my grandma's incredible cooking... Additionally, I'm worried that if I have a "reaction" to any given reintroduction food, it would be awful for something to happen at work, or on my long-as-hell commute, right? Uh oh... I'm scared!

Anyone willing to chime in with a bit of advice for me here? Thanks in advance!

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