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Stephanie's Whole30

Stephanie Geving

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This is my first Whole30. My first time at anything like it. I'm planning on following a paleo diet going forward and figured this would be a good place to start. I have Hashimoto's Thyroditis so decided to try the auto-immune protocol.

I'm really looking forward to feeling better. I eat horribly and have the body to show for it. Same with mental focus. I forgot someone's name the other day and I mean I REALLY forgot it so much that it worried me. So here's hoping for mental clarity!!

As for food, I'm trying to focus on all the things I am able to have instead of focusing on the things I can't have right now. This is going to be tough but it's 30 days. I at least have to try, and I am. I've succeeded with day 1!

For breakfast I had ground pork with chopped apple and celery and some cinnamon with a can of green beans. Not the best veggie, but it worked.

For lunch, more ground pork, this time with some bacon, celery and more green beans.

Dinner was shrimp with spinach and avocado. Once I added balsamic vinegar it was good.

I did need an orange as a snack before dinner but it's just day one. I'll get better at this.

We had some snow so I got some exercise shoveling snow. I'm hoping I feel more energetic sooner rather than later to get moving more. Looking forward to checking in tomorrow too.

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Beginning of Day 2 and I know I'll be posting here frequently.

At the end of the day yesterday I felt not so hot. I was tired, which is normal, and my stomach was upset. It was having a hard time adjusting to the spinach I ate with dinner, a veggie I have previously eaten less than once a year. I went to bed early, a little after 9pm. I rarely get an uninterrupted night of sleep thanks to one or both of my kids. Last night was no exception. But at least I made an effort. Plus, by going to sleep early I no longer felt the stomach upset and didn't break down and snack! This morning I'm still feeling not so hot but I know it's to be expected. Looking forward to some sweet potato later today.

I had a dream last night that I was out with my husband and had a sip of his soda but didn't realize until I posted at the end of the day. I was very sad! It's good to know that I'm concerned about it enough to dream about it. That means it was on my mind. Having it on my mind will help keep me aware and help me avoid slip ups!

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I would not eat steamed fish and broccoli so it must be a craving. Or adjusting to all the stuff I am NOT eating! Either way, not going to snack. going to distract myself then go to bed early again!

I had leftover lunch for breakfast and leftover dinner for lunch. Dinner was a pork steak recipe with all the unapproved stuff left out with sweet potato and it was yummy! It was a pretty normal dinner so I didn't feel like I was restricting anything. It was a dinner for Day 2!

I have sweet potatoes shredded for breakfast tomorrow and leftovers for lunch. I need to take chicken out for dinner. A plan always helps. So far so good.

As for how I'm feeling, no headaches today. Normal level of tired and grumpy. One day at a time.

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Day 3! I woke up feeling normal. Not horrible at least. I did feel horrible on Day 1 so maybe that was it? Wishful thinking I'm sure. Anyway... I made a good breakfast that kept me satisfied even though I was at a meeting with snacks. Thankfully I wasn't in the room the entire time so I was able to not even make eye contact with all that temptation.

Lunch is pretty satisfying too except that I looked down and it was mostly gone. Mindless eating. Not so good. I do need to be more mindful of intentional eating. Put down the phone even if I am searching for paleo recipes. it can wait. The kids weren't rushing me so I should have taken my time.

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I am SO tired right now! Though this is normally how I feel at this time. Dinner/Bath/Bed routine with the kids wears me out!

Another successful day under my belt. I'm too tired to snack even if I wanted to!

Breakfast was awesome! Shredded sweet potato and diced apple cooked in one pan while ground sausage cooked in another. Combined the two, sprinkled cinnamon and ate up! SO SO SO good! It was just what I needed this morning and satisfied me. I didn't even look at the food at the meeting.

Lunch was leftover pork steak and sweet potato from dinner last night as the topping for a salad. LOTS of greens and spinach. Homemade balsamic vinaigrette, basically just oil and vinegar mixed, but it hit the spot.

We were out this afternoon later than expected and i survived. No huge hunger pangs. DInner was chicken breast and veggies. Cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, summer squash and zuchinni mix. Not so bad.

Looking forward to another day!!

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I forgot to mention that my tonsils hurt like I might be getting sick. Swallowing isn't the most pleasant thing right now but it could be worse. Hopefully it won't get worse though! Tired was normal. Cranky was normal. I feel like I'm starting to feel better though. Less water retention and feeling less like a blob.

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My daughter just handed me an apple slice and I had to think "Is this ok for me to eat?" Yes, yes it is. but I had an apple the other day and felt the same way. I feel like the apple is cheating. My brain is worried about slipping up. Last night I had a dream where I ended up in tears because I messed up and ate some yogurt. The sad feeling helps me stay motivated during the day at least. It keeps me thinking about my choices.

I'm happy I found this section of the forum. I was wanting a place for my thought while doing this experience.

Day 4 finds me feeling pretty good. My normal level of tired exists right now even though I my little one only needed me once and it wasn't even late. My energy level is pretty consistent with what it would normally be at this point in my cycle. I'm curious to see how things go as my cycle approaches. That's always the time of the poorest choices for me.

As of yet I haven't had any specific cravings or struggles from my brain. I'm hoping i got that out of the way before I officially started. As I was finishing ISWF and deciding I WAS going to do a Whole30 I started to crave junk food and gave into those cravings. I really felt as if my brain were rebelling against the choice I had made and was trying to sabotage me before I even started! If my brain gets out of line again this time I'll show it who's boss! Me and good food choices.

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Day 4 menu was leftovers for breakfast. The apple sausage sweet potato mix. Lunch was last nights dinner, chicken and mixed veggies with some extra spinach. Dinner was chuck roast with mashed cauliflower. Not my best work for dinner.

I an my usual evening tired but had some things to do which I did. I keep feeling the urge to grab something to eat. Anything. Just out of habit. A cracker here, slice of salami there.

I will not be clearing out my fridge and cabinets even though that would be best. I have 2 kids that I'm feeding the way they are used to and that isn't going to change right now.

I'm feeling a little grumpy. Here's hoping for joy in the morning :-)

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Day 5 dawns with me tired even w/o being woken up at all overnight! I'm also feeling hungry after breakfast. I think my breakfast was a little too small. But also my stomach has a similar feel to the first day or two, like it's still adjusting to the lack of junk food.

On the bright side I have lunch marinading and options for dinner. On the not so bright side my planning is slowing. Maybe I can figure out a good soup to eat all weekend, quick and easy, and get planning momentum back for next week.

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Day 5 is done! Same breakfast as yesterday. Lunch was Tuna Steak in a Cilantro Lime Marinade with spinach and roasted asparagus. Dinner was meat from last nights roast mixed with some sauerkraut and shredded sweet potatoes. Not spectacular but got the job done.

I'm feeling very blah and unmotivated about food. I'm not craving anything in particular but have an overwhelming desire to snack. Out of habit. I'm avoiding the kitchen. So far so good. The choices and the constant cooking are taking it's toll but I shall persevere.

I'm in a bad mood but feel as if I'm less moody, not that that makes any sense. The back of my one leg keeps twitching/vibrating. It's weird.

The recipe I loosely followed for the tuna is below. I used coconut oil, ginger, lime juice and cilantro only.


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Day 6

Breakfast - leftovers from dinner with some added leftover sausage and cinnamon.

Lunch - Baked salmon with lemon and dill. Leftover roasted asparagus and cauliflower.

Dinner - Salad with leftover tuna steak and the balsamic dressing I made.

I woke up tired and grumpy. Partly because I don't go to bed early enough. Partly the kids. My jawline itched too. Then I had the urge to snack. No specific cravings though. I asked for prayer which helped. Then went outside for the distraction of shoveling and sledding. Had some raisins and felt like I was having junk food! I'm not even a raisin fan but at that moment they hit the spot.

Kept busy all day so my mind wasn't on snacking. didn't feel hungry until dinner time. I'm pleasantly surprised at how satisfying dinner was. I like romaine lettuce just fine but I've been eating mixed greens with some spinach. The kind of salad that usually makes me feel like I'm eating grass and dandelion weeds!

I haven't felt deprived during my Whole30. The only meals I haven't been pleased with were my own fault. I need to do some meal planning for this coming week. So far so good.

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Day 7! Woke up tired again though not as much. I did go to bed at a decent time and the kids lets me sleep all night!

Breakfast was the same as yesterday.

Lunch was beef broth with some beef and cauliflower.

Dinner was roasted chicken with green beans and the last of the roasted asparagus.

Chicken broth is already made from the chicken since I need some for a recipe this coming week. I wasn't able to get unsweetened coconut flakes to make my own coconut flour but I have a friend who eats Paleo and she has a bunch so I can have some. yeah!! I need some for a recipe or two. My friend will share all her tips with me when I truly stock my pantry with paleo goods. Also she clued me in to a local whole goods store.

My wrist still hurt this morning but seems to feel better now. My jaw still randomly itches and I do have more breakouts than usual. My mood was a product of my kids today.

We were at the grocery store and I didn't feel overly tempted by anything. I did get some dried apricots as a snack for the ride home though. My only cheat so far, other then getting on the scale was just grabbing a few raisins and a few dried apricots. Gave into an old habit. Bad Stephanie. My good choice muscle was tuckered out from my kids and shopping. Ah well.

I have some meals planned for the coming week so I feel like I'm off to a good start.

I did not do well with my sleep or exercise goals this first week. I'm going to do better this second week.

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Day 8 - I'm not really waking up with tons of get up and go but that's fine. I am feeling better, lighter, calmer.

Breakfast was the last of my leftovers from the last few days, the B, S, SK, SP, A hash. It wasn't enough. I had an orange as a snack.

Lunch was salmon patties and the last of my greens.

Dinner was green beans and baked chicken tenders. Coated in coconut flakes. I might try them again further into this but I did not enjoy them at all. I don't like coconut so I knew this would be a hurdle.

I did grab some dried apricots since I didn't eat enough chicken.

No pains. No itchiness. Less breakouts.

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Day 9 and I am exhausted. I could take a nap right now except there is a play date coming over for the girls. I'm pretty sure I ate enough breakfast. Sleep last night wasn't overly disturbed. I was only woken up once.

But in spite of being so tired I am being productive. I ran some errands, made some laundry soap, made a meatloaf for lunch that I am impatiently waiting for. I am hungry now. I hope it tastes ok. I kind of just added stuff hoping it turns out well.

My hands are very dry but they're getting washed so much with more dishes. My skin isn't breaking out but doesn't have an even tone just yet. More and more I'm feeling the urge to snack.

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Today has just been an off day. The tiredness has not gone away. I did take a short nap but naps never refresh me. I had a snack when the girls had a snack. I didn't feel like eating dinner but did anyway.

Breakfast was turkey kielbasa with sauerkraut and a ton of romaine lettuce. I know that isn't the ideal greens but it's what I had.

I did have some raisins as a morning snack.

Lunch was an experiment. I'm calling it Made Up Meatloaf. 1lb beef, 1 lb pork, about 1 cup shredded sweet potato and saurkraut, some baby bella's and the leftover mashed cauliflower. Some garlic and onion powder. Not too bad. My initial reaction is that it needed a sauce of some kind. I ended up mixing it up the broccoli and balsamic dressing. Fixes everything :-)

Had an afternoon orange when the kids had a snack. Remembered in time to NOT eat a marshmallow as I made them hot chocolate after playing in the snow.

Dinner was chicken soup. I was cold and tired and not in the mood to eat but knew I needed to. I took some of my broth, cut up the leftover chicken from last night that i thought was icky, after scraping most of the coconut coating off it. Added some veggies, zucchini, squash, cauliflower and broccoli. Hit the spot.

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I forgot to post yesterday! Day 10 is done.

I was tired and super hungry. I did the morning ok but once I got home for lunch I wanted to eat EVERYTHING. No specific cravings though. I ate shrimp scampi for lunch on spinach then snacked on a sweet potato, grabbing a dried apricot here and there and bites of chicken that I was feeding my kids. I know my incessant hunger was from PMS so I posted in the Ladies Only forum and got a very helpful response! Now I am more aware and can plan ahead next month. I finally went to shovel snow which distracted me from my hunger.

Dinner was leftover made up meatloaf and the squash/carrot/cauliflower/broccoli/zucchini mix. Breakfast had been chicken soup with veggies.

I'm thinking my tiredness could be from the PMS or from the Whole30 messing with my thyroid since I have Hashimoto's. Granted, it's messing in a positive way, but not if I am now overmedicated! I'm trying to wait to the end of my Whole30 to get my levels tested though.

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Day 11. Wow. I'm almost halfway through. :)

I woke up not completely exhausted. Got up with some motivation which was a nice change. No ailments to speak of. I think I've forgotten to mention I had gas, I think it was day 8 and 9. BMs are a bit different. more frequent. a little looser. Sorry if it's TMI. This IS my log after all. I forgot to take my thyroid meds today. I plan to take a smaller dose tomorrow.

Breakfast was the sweet potato hash. Less hunger today. Lunch was supposed to be leftover kielbasa but I didn't really get it eaten. But I was NOT tempted to have a piece of chocolate that was sitting on my table during a meeting I had at my house. WOO HOO!!!

Dinner was yummy. My favorite recipe tweaked into compliance. Pork Chops in Balsamic Vinegar but this time I used county style pork ribs. Last week I made it with pork steak. Butternut squash fries. No snacks today.

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Day 12 is done and it can't be over quick enough. From a parenting stand-point today was not one of my finer moments. I lost my cool big time in the afternoon. Emotional mess. Desperately frustrated. Good food can't always help. I was so frustrated I just wanted to give up on my Whole30 and go back to my old ways. Not really sure why. I think because at least that way of eating required no thought. Whole30 requires a lot of thought... stupid excuses. I just need to get a better handle on myself when my kids push my buttons.

My day started as it's been, a tired me. I was out of bed a few times from 12-2 with my LO. Tonight I'm crashing early.

Breakfast was Sweet Potato Hash.

Lunch was leftover pork and spinach.

Dried apricots as a snack. This was also partly to help calm me after my awful parenting episode.

Dinner was leftover roasted chicken and butternut squash.


BM this evening was diarrhea. I'm thinking maybe my thyroid really is swinging hyper right now. I did take a lower dose of my meds today...

I have some foods for this coming week but no official menu yet. I did buy some kale to try kale chips. I wanted a steak and don't have any left so bought some. Sorry to say I did not by the recommended pastured grass fed beef even though I did see it. The other beef and pork I eat from home is from a local butcher but we've finished all our steaks. I think I'll be OK.

Onto day 13!

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Day 13 !! Same old morning. Woke up tired. Got a really slow start since it's the weekend. Body not feeling quiet right thanks to yesterday's BMs. Had some chocolate/sweets cravings today but nothing unmanageable.

Breakfast - Sweet Potato Hash and side pork

Lunch - Leftover roasted chicken and butternut squash

Dinner - Pan Fried Sirloin Steak and Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Exercise is nowhere to be found but I'm starting to contemplate it more.

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Sorry you are having such a hard time the last couple of days, thyroid sure could be part of it. Your dinner sounds diivine.

My tired mornings get better when I force myself to eat protein, green veggies and no fruit for breakfast - not always easy but effective.

Must be a blood sugar thing. Hang in there.

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Day 14 :-)

Woke up tired as usual. More emotional today since my cycle is about to start.

Breakfast as usual

Lunch was leftover bone broth with veggies.

Made kale chips in the afternoon. They repeated on me as I was shoveling snow. Made me want a soda.

Dinner was leftover steak and Brussels sprouts.

Tonight my insides are rumbling. The kale has stopped repeating.

Bring on day 15!

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