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First attempt failed, please give me motivation here for another!

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Hi there-

I'm really sad to say I cheated on day 9 of my first whole30 with 7 chocolate covered almonds, Yes. 7. It was not worth it and I felt awful. And cheating just made me feel like I had ruined it all anyways so I needed to start over, especially after a tough 9 days. Tomorrow would have been my last day. I weighed myself and lost 2lbs, which would have been more if I had stuck with it. Sigh.

My downfalls were:

Having no food prepared after the gym


Being sick of feeling limited by foods because I'm a really picky eater.

Not liking coconut products.

Advice?! I want to try this again...


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Keep on going! By far the best thing you can do for yourself is continue to build the habit of eating compliant foods and preparing meals. It gets a lot easier when it becomes habit to buy and prepare foods that you like that are good for you. A little bit of experimentation in the kitchen can go a long way toward finding things you can make and have on hand, so that you won't find yourself unprepared. A few things I like to do:

Bake sweet potatoes 5-6 at a time, then mash up in a bowl (I throw in a bit of coconut milk and cinnamon, but you could try a bit of OJ instead or even just plain!). Instant side dish!

Make a big batch of cole slaw. A very simple recipe is to make some homemade olive oil mayo (egg yolks, olive oil and a dash of vinegar - google a recipe for technique), throw in some more vinegar (I like apple cider), and salt/pepper/garlic powder, toss it into 1-2 chopped heads of cabbage and some grated carrots. Instant side dish #2!

Keep organic hot dogs on hand for emergencies. They are good sliced up and pan fried for a few minutes.

Primal pacs (www.primalpacs.com.) For when you've got nothing else, one of these will tide you over for a couple of hours!

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