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My February Whole 30 (Which will finish in March!)


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I finished a whole thirty back in August or September (I can't remember) and I was so proud and happy. It really did make a difference to me, I felt so good,healthy and loved all the positive comments about how I looked. It is here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/2711-wow-i-did-it-no-cheats-no-cravings-so-happy/page__fromsearch__1

I stayed mostly compliant until we went on a family holiday (vacation) and I totally blew it with alcohol,dairy, gluten free grain and sugar.

I came home feeling a little worse for wear and two kilograms heavier! So I decided to do another whole 30. But,for the life of me I couldn't do it. I think I may have started it over several times and eventually gave up as the Christmas season approached.

Well, thanks to another whole 30 lady ( Hi Kate File :) ) on this forum I have been enticed into trying again. Only this time I am ^determined^ to get that good feeling back. The thing I loved so much was a sense of lightness and well being.

So I will start tomorrow.

Today I had what is a typical day for me lately : dairy and gluten free grains with breakfast, a carob and buckwheat snack bar, gluten free fruit toast for a snack, and cheese on my "emergency"protein for dinner.

I am not sure tomorrow is a great time to start as I know it will be PMS time soon, however, it is time to stop making excuses.

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Thanks Kirsteen, I hope you are right!

Day One: Friday 1st February:

I weighed myself this morning, but will NOT get on the scales again til the Whole 30 is over. 77.9 kgs. :o worse than I thought, so it is just as well I am starting this again.

Today's food:

Breakfast: stir fried in coconut oil: courgettes,snow peas, carrots and,tomatoes and red onions (very colourful), topped with smoked salmon, lemon juice and macadamia nuts.

I had that and a cup of tea.


Last night's emergency protein: ground free range pork, broccollini, purple carrots,purple runner beans,onions, tomatoes and a little stock.

Followed that with a banana and a herbal tea.

Dinner: Steak, snow peas, sweet potatoes and corgettes.

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Thanks Derval. I am feeling determined so far, but it is early days!

I had a busy morning, so I quickly chowed down on some emergency protein (leftovers), some macadamias and a cup of tea.

I bought a huge basketful of vegetables at the farmer's market and rushed around running errands. I drank another cup of tea and a sparkling water.

For lunch I finished the last of the emergency protein,with a bit of leftover chicken meat, some sweet potatoes and courgettes. I followed up with four strawberries. I also had a cup of tea.

For dinner we had Sushi(homemade). I wrapped chicken,cucumber,avocado and carrots in seaweed with home made mayo. I made another wrap with all the vegies and smoked salmon. I finished with a small amount watermelon,four strawberries and four brazil nuts.

I relaxed with a cup of green tea.

It is probably a little heavy on the fruit, but I feel I need the carbs.

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Day three. Sunday, 3rd February.

Breakfast: leftover chicken from last night eaten with stir fried vegies: mini courgette squash from my garden, some new Asian greens from the markets (which seemed just like leafy brocollini), snow peas and capsicum, all stir fried in coconut oil, and some brazil nuts.

Lunch: I made this fabulous chicken recipe from Nom Nom Paleo:http://nomnompaleo.c...l-green-chicken. This was really very good. Instead of grilling it I baked it in the oven for about 40 minutes.

I ate it with a big garden salad with bitter greens,lettuce,red capsicum,avocado and tomatoes (from the garden! How exciting :D ) and some purple string beans (also from the garden) cooked with garlic. I had some strawberries whilst everyone else ate icecream.

It was a yummy meal, shared with friends.

I have made a huge pot of bone broth with beef bones. I'll use some of it in tomorrow night's dinner of slow cooked beef casserole.

Dinner will be barbequed pork chops, more salad from lunchtime, some baked sweet potatoes,parsnips and red onions. I may follow up with a little mango or strawberries.

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Day four, Feb 4th 2013(Monday)

Breakfast:I always have a small handful of nuts when I wake up because I am not ready to cook and eat.Today I had 5 brazil nuts and a cup of vanilla hazelnut tea.

Then I stir fried some more of the Asian greens, leftover sweet potato and roasted onions along with some lamb and rosemary sausages.

Lunch: Leftover chicken legs ( I will make them again, they were delish), sweet potato and courgettes. Four strawberries.

Dinner: Beef tandoori casserole. I used onions, beef,coconut cream, a tin of tomatoes and tandoori spices (all compliant). I let it cook all afternoon in the slow cooker. Served the casserole with carrots and Asian greens.

I had a glass of sparkling water with a twist of lemon with dinner. I don't know what I'd do without mineral water. I look forward to having a glass of it at the end of every day (and I was never an "end of the day I need a glass of wine" kind of girl. TTC for three years has put paid to that). I am also really savoring the cups of tea I have, both herbal and with caffeine.

So far I am feeling good about this whole 30. I don't feel I am having to work very hard to fight off temptation. But it is early days, and seems all is well when I am at home, but I start back at work tomorrow after 6 weeks holiday. All my colleagues drink flat whites/mochas/cappuccinos daily and ask if I want one when they order. They also bring in sweet buns, fruit loaf etc and toast them in the office. Fortunately gluten does a real number on me (cramping,bloating,farting,diarrhea) so there's not too much temptation to eat that stuff, but when they are eating it I sometimes wish I had a little substitute.

We have a staff morning tea every Wednesday, and they started buying in gluten free biscuits for me to have with my cuppa, but I am happy for the other GF lady to eat all of them herself.

It is easy to remember that I feel good on this way of eating, so it is worth saying "No" to all the crappy stuff and "yes" to feeling good and knowing I am fighting off ill health. I think that I am also investing in a healthy future too.

Although I'd let a bit of dairy creep back into my diet after the last whole 30, I am not missing it at all this time.

Happy days :D

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Tuesday 5th February

Back to work today and survived! A bit exhausted after waking at 4.30 am. Definitely due to anxiety over kindy and work...

Breakfast: Made emergency protein with ground chicken, capsicum,leeks and courgettes.

Lunch: Leftover beef casserole with carrots and Asian greens.

Dinner: Roast chicken, roast sweet potatoes,carrots and broccoli.

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Wednesday 6th February. Day 6, Already?

So far this Whole 30 is feeling easy, which is nice. Yesterday at work, instead of pastries and bread goods on the table, there was a big basket of ripe avocadoes! Yum. One of my colleagues has an Avocado farm,and they were there for us to enjoy for free. Fantastic!

Todays' Food:

Breakfast: I always start the day with nuts (had pecans today) and a cu of tea.Finished the chicken emergency protein, added some broccoli,cabbage and courgettes.

Lunch: Leftover beef casserole over broccoli,cabbage and courgettes, topped with a soft avocado (yummy)followed by two small plums and a cup of green tea.

Snack: Got home from work and I am famished. DH is cooking (T-bone steak - oh Yum-cious-ness), but he always cooks later than I do and I'm starving. So I've had some brazil nuts and dried sour cherries. I know they're probably high in fructose, but I am SO HUNGRY!!

Oh, I've just realised why I am so hungry. I didn't have leftover casserole for lunch - I gave that to DH. Instead I had a small tin of tuna. Clearly not enough fat or protein, as I was so hungry.

Dinner: I am expecting : A T-bone steak, pumpkin(or "butternut squash"), broccoli and BBQed tomatoes.

Can't wait!

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7th Feb. Thursday: Day 7

A whole week: Fantastic.

Breakfast: Started with brazil nuts and a cup of tea. Followed by a stir fry of: coconut oil,pork belly,courgettes,leek,mushrooms. Sprinkled that with some Dukkah.

Lunch: More of the breakfast I made, plus a mashed avocado on top, 2 small plums. I felt stuffed to the gills, and haven't felt hungry yet and I am about to go and make....

Dinner: roasted chicken pieces seasoned with Indian spices, roasted courgettes,butternut and sweet potatoes (in coconut oil) and steamed broccoli.

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Saturday 9th February, Day 9!

I didn't log yesterday as I was SOOOO tired after four days back at work (OMG, what a wimp) that I couldn't drag myself to the computer.

Sadly, I have been super-slack in the exercise department because I was so busy with work and settling my DS into kindergarden. I have to lose the excuses though, because I think I would have coped better and had more energy had I just done something. I am working on getting some sort of schedule going for exercise that I can stick to.

I am proud to say, though, that despite feeling exhausted, I did not reach for: Alcohol,chocolate,cake,GF toast. Yippee - that's a step in the right direction. Even today, feeling very tired and weepy ( a miscarriage anniversary) I didn't look for comfort in food,and that is a mightily big thing for me. I have realised that much of my emotional over-eating is related to tiredness, feeling overwhelmed,and grief.

I took a very long walk on the beach this afternoon, which was lovely.It was windy and I feel the cobwebs have been blown away.

So...today's food:


Not the best choices, but had an early start and not enough time, so had a banana spread with almond butter and a chicken leg.


A big salad of bitter greens,red pear,tomatoes and avocado with a vinagrette dressing and chicken wings. Then a handful of macadamias.

I plan to marinade some kangaroo steaks for dinner, and will cook up an assortment of veggies, not sure which ones yet. I've got a big stash from the farmer's market this morning.

I am constantly amazed at how many vegetables I chomp my way through. It is thoroughly amazing!

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Angifi, I'm happy to read your W30 log. I'm a newbie here, on day 5 of my first Whole30 (which I'm hoping to turn into a WholeLifestyle), and I'm grateful to see how others eat. Would hug you over that sad anniversary if my arms were long enough.

You're welcome to check my log, titled, "OH it is ON."

I'm learning much, and may have to add a few days just to have a clean 30. This first few days has seemed like practice, but the food is improving every day.

I even enjoyed your breakfast of banana, almond butter, and chicken leg!

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Hi Martihana, I will check out your log. Thank you so much for the hug. It was a tough day, but I feel a bit better now.

The kangaroo steaks were delicious last night. I will try to have them more often.

Today's breakfast:

Pork sausage and cabbage,beans,carrots and broccoli all sauteed in coconut oil. Yum, yum!

My DH informed me yesterday, after getting home from the markets, that we are having his relatives over for lunch today. I felt a bit put out as I hadn't planned for it and we live 20 km from town, so I don't want to go back to buy more food. I was thinking I'd have to cook the leg of lamb I had defrosted for our dinner tonight, but I really don't want to. So I'll whizz up a zucchini slice (made with courgettes, eggs,cheese,flour,onion and bacon). It's going to be a bit weird because I won't be eating it. I could make a version of it with almond meal, no cheese and no bacon, but I am not sure if it would taste any good. I will also make a cake as we have a friend here building our stairs with DH, so I am also feeding him morning and afternoon tea too.

Suddenly feel like my Sunday has been sabotaged, but I'll just have to get over it and get on with it.

I will make myself take a walk before the rellies get here, otherwise I might be a bit grumpy ;)


Unfortunately didn't fit a walk in, I ended up on Painting duty as well as cooking lunch. I made a zucchini slice for myself with grated sweet potato,grated courgettes,almond meal,eggs,chicken and almond meal. Everyone else loved the slice i made which had bacon,GF flour and tonnes of tasty cheese in it.

Dinner; Roast lamb,roast onion,sweet potato and asian greens.

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Looks like I forgot to log in yesterday.

It is now the 12th Feb, so I am on day 12!!

That's almost half way. :D

You know, I am so tired today that I can't remember what I ate yesterday, but it was all compliant.

This morning I had some leftover courgette/sweet potato slice for breakfast with a small kangaroo steak.Oh, and macadamia nuts.

At lunch I had some "emergency protein", NomNom Paleo style, which I had made for last night's dinner. It was made with ground beef,chicken,onion,asian greens,snow peas, cauliflower and mexican spices. All cooked in coconut oil.

I went shopping after work, fetched DS from kindy and when I got home I felt hungry and craving chocolate. I know it is because I am stressed and busy. Instead I had a sparkling water and a nectarine, also a couple of prunes with macadamias. I know I was just substituting the chocolate with other sweet things, but I just did it, which is better than cracking open some dark and peppermint chocolate.

I really have to find a way of dealing with the tiredness. I was up earlier than I wanted to be, because of my DS waking me at 5 am. I could have slept longer. I do go to bed quite early, but since starting work again, and not being able to have afternoon naps, I am finding that I am tired.

I know I need to exercise more too. I did take a long walk on the beach on Saturday and also Monday. I plan to take a walk this evening, as soon as my DH is home to watch DS.

It is my work-mate's birthday tomorrow and I am baking a beautiful prune,macadamia sour cream cake. It is really yummy, but I am making it with gluten flour so I won't be able to have it as I would end up with gastro-intestinal distress. I can do with out that. I may have to have a couple of prunes and macadamias though! ;)

I think tonight's dinner will be more of the emergency protein as I made a huge amount. I think I will have it with a baked sweet potato.And I'll remember to take my magnesium to help with a restful slumber.

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Day 13, 13th February:

Breakfast: Free range Pork belly strips fried in coconut oil, with stir fried asian greens,spinach,spring onion and capsicum(red pepper).

At morning tea everyone enjoyed the delicious cake I made,and I had some macadamias (forgot to bring prunes), and I didn't feel the slightest little bit like I was missing out. I just knoe that sugar and grain make me bloated and gassy, and who wants to feel like that?

Lunch: the vegies I'd made for breakfast, plus some chopped plums and salmon. Squeeze of lemon, and voila - yummy!

Dinner: I made the green chicken drumsticks again -yum. Ate it with some roasted sweet potato,broccoli and carrots. I was full and satisfied!

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Day 15, 15th Feb, Friday:

Breakfast: I made a yummy stir fry of asian greens,spinach,carrots,onion and fennel with crab meat. It was yummy, but the whole family complained about the smell. Too bad for them, it tasted wonderful.

Lunch: Leftover pork roast from the night before, with roast carrots, broccoli and roast apple. Delicious. I also had a banana at break time because I was very hungry and lunch isn't until 1.30.

Dinner: I made a stir fry with leftover pork, some microwaved sweet potato, carrots,greens,onion. Was delicious.

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Saturday 16th Feb, day 16, More than half way there! Yay!

Although I am half way through, I am anticipating some difficult times ahead. We have birthday parties to go to (for adults) which has me feeling a bit anxious. I can take my sparkling water with me,and that's fine. I know there will be lots of comments like,"are you pregnant again" and the like simply because I choose not to drink alcohol. Then come the offers of soft drink (soda) which I don't like at all (way too sweet). And party food is always crap food. However tonight I am taking a salad and I believe their will be a lamb on a spit, so that will be fine. Next week's party has everyone bringing a plate of food, so hopefully there will be compliant food,and of course I'll take something compliant.

I really do like eating the Whole 30 way, and I find it relatively easy as long as I can prepare my own food all the time. But that's not real life is it? I can't exist inside a bubble. It just means I have to exercise some will-power and remember why I am doing this and how it affects me.

I haven't had breakfast yet, but I have some of yesterday's breakfast leftover, which I think I'll make into a frittata/omelette (what is the difference?), but I will have to add almond meal and coconut milk because I can't do eggs in "pure" form. The "eggy" taste makes me feel a bit sick, but I don't think they harm me physically.

I'm off to the farmer's market this morning - I love all that fresh produce :D

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Monday 18th February, Day 18.

Well, I managed to manoeuvre my way through the minefield of food on the weekend. At the party on Saturday night it was easy to drink sparkling water and stick to lamb and salad. I didn't even feel remotely deprived of the chocolate mint birthday cake. I am sure it tasted nice, but honestly, I felt glad that I wasn't eating it because I know how I would feel later.

I had my Knitting club get together on Sunday afternoon, and I will admit to feeling a pang of regret when I said no to a glass of Champagne, and was slightly tempted by the dark chocolate that was passed around, and the pumpkin fruit cake looked delicious, but again, I am not sorry I said no to all of it, because feeling good is worth it. I am aware though, more and more, that if I wasn't on the Whole 30, I might have very easily eaten some of those things. When I am doing the Whole 30 I feel a responsibility to stick to it. I hope that I will continue to remember how this way of eating makes me feel when I start "off-roading" again.

So, yesterday I had a lovely pork meatloaf I made with grated vegetables,eggs and ground pork which I ate for lunch. I will have it for breakfast today with some of the sweet potato chips I made for dinner, (with beautiful pork belly with super crackling).

Lunch: Stir fried in macadamia oil: Red pepper,tomatoes and courgettes with chicken.

Dinner: Lamb chops, cabbage,green beans and carrots.

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Tuesday 19th February. Day 19.

Breakfast: pork and veggie meatloaf

Lunch: It was curry club at work, and they all looked pretty compliant. I had a chicken leg, pork curry,beef and beautiful vegetables which had loads of coconut milk - tasted amazing. Instead of yoghurt I had mashed avocado on top to help balance out the spiciness. Very yummy.

I got home from work feeling hungry (shouldn't have as lunch was very filling) and had a banana with almond butter. I know I shouldn't be eating between meals, but I am also trying to listen to my body.

Dinner: Roast marinated split chicken (with lemon,rosemary and garlic). Roasted sweet potato and steamed broccoli and runner beans. Very yummy! And lots of left overs for breakfast tomorrow.

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Wednesday, 20th February. Day 20!!!

Oh my goodness, tomorrow I'll be 3/4's through this whole 30. It feels very easy most of the time. I can't believe everyone doesn't eat like this. :D

I actually just ordered another copy of the book It Starts With Food. I have a copy on my kindle, but so many people ask me what I'm doing to look so good and healthy, and I'd like to be able to lend them the book. One of my friends has bought the book, but I don't think she's read it, she's still eating chocolate and bread etc... :(

At Knitting Club on Sunday one of my friends (whom I have explained the whole 30 to many times) was talking about how she'd like to lose some weight and that her blood sugar and hormones were out of wack. So I came home and bought the book and will give it to her as soon as it arrives. I think she really needs to read it for herself. I know she will benefit from it.

It is hard not to be evangelical about it all. Another woman I know from work asked me yesterday (for about the fifth time) what I had done to look so good. I told her I'd done the Whole 30,and was on it a second time. She is struggling with terrible arthritis, is on tonnes of drugs and has put on a lot of "menopause" weight. Then she said something about how she needed to go back to Weight Watchers. That was after I'd explained how easy and great the whole 30 is for general health. Seriously...I think I sometimes waste my breath talking to some folk.They actually don't really listen :wacko: Perhaps it is not what they want to hear. Mostly they think they couldn't possibly live without bread or sugar, so the low fat option of weight watchers is more appealing. It is crazy :blink:

Anyway, that's my rant for the day :P

Today's food:

Breakfast: leftovers: some macadamias,the last of the meatloaf,some chicken and vegetables from last night.

Lunch: Lamb chop,cabbage,sweet potato and string beans.

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Friday 22nd February: I am into my forth week! Hurray.

I have to say I am pretty chuffed with myself and feeling good.

I haven't had too many cravings, however, yesterday it was a cool rainy day ( a nice change from hot and dry) and I had a 2 hour after work meeting, it was then that I thought, "a hot chocolate would be nice". Then I thought, "well, I don't think I'd like it without sugar or milk, so that's not an option." I had a cup of tea and some walnuts instead, which was fine, but not quite the same.

Thursdays Food:

Breakfast: macadamia nuts, tea, chicken and veggies.

Lunch: leftover beef curry with a small squishy avocado.Yum,yum!

Dinner: Ground beef spaghetti sauce (which DH made), beef,tomato puree,carrots and peas. I had mine over sweet potato,beans and broccoli.

Friday's food:

Breakfast: chicken and stir fried vege: courgette,spinach,leek and broccoli.

Lunch: leftover spaghetti sauce sans the spaghetti.

Dinner: Salmon sliders with baked sweet potato and red cabbage smothered in ghee. Oh, yes, yummy!

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23 Feb: Saturday. Day 23

Breakfast: Salmon sliders with mayo/avo mix and red cabbage.

Lunch: salmon sliders (I made so many!) with a salad of bitter greens, tomatoes,olives,avacado and fennel. Delicious, and I am full.

Tonight's dinner could be interesting. We are going to a party and have been asked to take some finger foods along. The hostess is making curries to have for supper. I will make some chicken wings, marinades in a paste made from: coriander(fresh), spring onions, garlic, fish sauce,chilli, Vietnamese basil, chives and macadamia oil. I forgot to put salt in the marinade, so will add some before I grill the wings. I am not sure that the curries will be completely compliant, but I doubt they will be far off. I won't eat any rice, which will be easy, but I think turning down a glass of champagne to toast my lovely friend's 40th will be hard. However, I don't want to start again when I am so close to the end of the 30 days.

Wish me luck ;)

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Well, I never did make it to 30 days! Bummer. That party was the undoing of it all. However, I am glad I did almost 23 days.

Actually falling off the wagon has taught me quite a lot in a short time:

  • The combination of 4 glasses of champagne, birthday cake (albeit gluten free) and rice woke me at 3 am with the worst hot-flush of my life (and I am not menopausal), intense nausea and tummy ache. The next day I felt very awful!
  • since falling off the wagon I have been very lazy with my eating. During the week I managed to eat the following: gluten free pasta, gluten free fruit toast, chocolate, cream and yoghurt, gluten free cake.
  • As a result of have noticed the following symptoms: aching joints, sleeping badly, constipation, a sore throat and cold.

So although falling off the wagon is not to be celebrated, I have certainly learnt a thing or too.

I weighed myself,and managed to lose a couple of kilos anyway, so was happy with that.

Today is a new day. I am not starting a new whole thirty. I am ready to move onto eating whole 30 style with a few changes. I would still like to experiment with grass-fed fermented dairy to see if that sits ok with me. And I'd like to include butter in my diet. But aside from that I still want to live a grain-free, sugar-free, seed-oil free life.

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