Super Bowl was super gross!


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I completed my Whole30 January 31. Then I had a Super Bowl party. And I planned it pretty well: I served chocolate chili, baked spicy chicken wings, a veggie tray and a party salad with a dressing made from homemade mayo. But.....

I tried a little of one friend's buffalo chicken dip with a couple of tortilla chips. And a tiny bit of another friend's homemade hummus with a bit of pita. And one beer. First grains I have eaten in well over a month, and within 1/2 an hour I was coughing and congested.

Then I had a brownie. And then a can of diet soda to settle my -- by then -- upset stomach. Had a great time with my friends, but by the time I got to bed, I had a pounding headache. And I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep.

Today I was dragging and fighting massive sugar cravings. It was quite an eye-opener! I'm glad I experienced this, because I am motivated to continue eating only real food. And also to try another Whole30 soon.

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I can sympathise! Post W30 it starts with a bite here and there of something non compliant... a piece of cheese, lick of peanut tortilla chip... well it came to a head the other night when for no real reason I scoffed down four or five pieces of junky chocolate and a bowl of teddy graham crackers (weird choice!)

Yesterday I started a mini Whole 3 to get me back on track, but I may go on for longer...I feel like I need to shift my perception of paleo from feeling like I am restricting myself, back to doing it to be kind to my body. And my stomach today is achhhhhhy probably from the gluten and crap two days ago! I'm not weighing myself, I'm not doing any crazy intense workouts, right now I'm just trying to be nice to myself! It's a continuous learning curve for all of us :)

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