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Starting a Whole30 soon. Looking to create a local support group!??


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So here's my idea.

I'm starting another Whole30 next week. My husband is actually doing it this time (mostly by force). haha. He really doesn't care that much what he eats and since I do all the cooking, he's gonna eat it. Anyway, I also have a 3 yr old. We recently discovered he's allergic to dairy and gluten so he's officially going paleo too.

I'm looking for some Whole30 buddies that would be up here in the Seattle area. And my idea is to start a local support group of those people. We can do the Whole30 at the same time, or be on different schedules. But I really need support to live this way, and I thought it would be a fun idea that would help me AND some other people.

I'm a stay at home Mom, and would love to find other local Moms to do this with. But I'd also be open to having guys join too.

There is also a group of Moms called the "Make Ahead Mamas" that was started here in Seattle. They get together and do a whole bunch of prep cooking and then take home all the prepped food. Our support group would be this idea merged with possibly a book club type of thing. We could all read "It starts with food" together and meet to discuss the chapters, cook and share recipes...all while holding each other accountable each week/every day.

So any ideas on how to get this up and running? Or any of you live up here that would be interested in joining forces with me?


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Citymom, I would LOVE to join a local support group! I am eating mostly Paleo right now with a few exceptions. I am thinking to start my first Whole 30 on August 1. But even more than that, I would be so grateful to find something like a make-ahead mamas group where we could work/cook/chat together and support each other in this lifestyle. Have you had any luck finding others interested in this? We live in Kirkland and I work full-time in North Seattle, my husband also works full-time in West Seattle. So we're busy commuting and caring for our 10 month old daughter, but I would ABSOLUTELY make time for something like this. Let me know if you're still interested!


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Hi CityMom. I, too, am in Seattle and would really like to successfully complete a Whole30. Cocktails get me every time. I just cannot turn down a margarita! But I really want to do this, and I think I need a support-accountability group.

I am in a Gluten-Free Make-Ahead-Mamas group, but since I host it at my house and select all the recipes, I have turned it into a Paleo Make-Ahead-Mamas.

I live in NE Seattle and work FT in Georgetown. Let's chat about possibilities.


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Valerie and Jennifer, I am so glad you both posted! Let's start a group. I live in North Seattle (greenlake area) and I am sure we can figure something out for our busy schedules. After all, we have to make it a priority right?

I will message you both with my personal email address. August 1st sounds like a great date to start. I read that they are launching an official Whole30 on that date so we can all join in too.

I'm looking forward to meeting you both!

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Perfect! We are in the same general area. I live in Wedgwood/Meadowbrook.

August 1 it is. The last weekend in July is INSANE for me--my daughter's birthday, my parents in town, Mariners,, my in-laws getting married...to each other...again...after 17 years of divorce...at my house!


I will be ready August 1.

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