Well..I goofed!


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I made the mistake of being under prepared with food and gave into to a craving. My day started out odd because my period started 5 days early than it ever had. Then I was hungry and cheated with a piece of whole wheat bread and peanut butter that my husband had in the house. Do I really need to start over? I know I won't see the whole benefit now that I slipped but could I still see some?

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You don't say what day of W30 you're on. A piece of bread and peanut butter is definitly way off plan. I can totally understand the circumstances surrounding it but it will mess up your W30. You deserve the best possible results. Personally, if i was you, I wouldn't call it a restart I'd just carry on and add days on at then end to take account of where you are now. If you're on day 10, I'd make it a whole 40 etc. don't beat yourself up just be glad you've recognised what triggers you. Good luck

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