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In DC: Do you want "Upgraded Coffee" Beans (Bulletproof)


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I bought a small bag of "Upgraded Coffee" from the Bulletproof Executive -- and I don't like their coffee.

They are processing a refund. Meanwhile there's half a pound of beans that I won't be using. If you're in DC: do you want these beans?

The package arrived at my door on Monday and I opened the beans on Tuesday morning. I have a counter-top grinder and I emptied the bag into the hopper, then recycled the packaging. Today (Friday) I emptied the remaining beans from the hopper and wrapped them in heavy duty aluminum foil. Weighed it on my kitchen scale: 8 ounces.

For a porch pickup: I live in Mount Rainier, Maryland (near Woodridge/Brookland NE DC).

I work in Tysons three days a week, off Route 7 at the Toll Road. My commute threads through DC (Riggs to Missouri to Military, through Rock Creek Park, then Reno Road to Nebraska to MacArthur and the Clara Barton) and through McLean: G'town Pike to Swinks Mill to Lewinsville to Spring Hill.

Mentioning the details of my route in case there's a convenient place for a rendezvous or a drop-off.

Please send me a private message to coordinate.

The beans have been claimed and are no longer available.

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Followed Tracy's advice to go with a coarser grind and gave the beans another try. The adjustment to the grind helped but it doesn't change the fact that I don't like Upgraded Coffee.

Being that I gave it another try, there's less on offer. Now the amount up for grabs is 5 ounces of beans.

I'll give this another day, then will post to my local freecyle if no Whole30'ers have replied.

Editing to add: the beans have been claimed and are no longer available.

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