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I may be more proud of today than of any day on my two W30s and my W45 :)

In my entire time of dieting (roughly 15+ years), my periods of weight loss have been followed by periods of bingeing, when I let things completely spin out of control. And this isn't just with food - I'm an all-or-nothing kind of person with work, exercise, relationships, and eating. I don't do well with moderation, but I'd love nothing more than some moderation in my life. Well, today I took my first steps toward moderation.

After my morning run, I jumped on the scale and recorded my progress. YES!! Then I ran off to a restorative yoga class with a cup of coffee with cream & sugar in my hand. Normally, this would then lead into a full day of sugar, pizza, junk food, etc... which would then turn into a week or two off plan. Because I enjoy the structure and the way I feel on W30, I'd then go another 30 days, then repeat the cycle all over again.

Instead, I came home after yoga, ate the leftover pork-butternut squash-apple hash in my fridge with some avocado and W30-compliant hot sauce. I little while later, I went off to my shift at the yoga studio, did 50 minutes of heated vinyasa yoga, then came home for lunch - a couple Applegate Farms hot dogs and a green juice (kale, spinach, romaine, cucumber, celery, lemon, apple) from the local vegan juice bar. I lounged around this afternoon, ran to the grocery store to pick up food to make compliant meals, then cooked a steak with coffee-mocha spice rub, sautéed mushrooms (in ghee), and half a sweet potato mashed with sour cream. For dessert, I had some ice cream - not because I'm bingeing but because I'm testing how my body reacts to dairy after 45 days without (and if I'm going to test dairy, I'm going to test it with stuff I'd eat). Other than the addition of dairy, this was a pretty typical Saturday for me on plan.

And my reward for completing a W45? A beautiful new lululemon yoga mat. Not a pizza. Not a bag of Swedish fish. Not a bottle of wine. And definitely not an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's (but a serving - yes, it's possible to eat just one!). Instead, I gave myself a promise to continue down this path to health and wellness and yes, maybe even moderation.


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That's fantastic! Well done. In some ways it's easy to W30 because it's 'eat this', 'don't eat that'. It can get harder afterwards when you're working it out for yourself what you comfortably can and can't have. sounds like you're doing brilliantly. You deserve to be proud of yourself. all the best in your continued journey.

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