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Compliant Pizza and Sweet Treat Experience


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Alright SWYPO Police, stand down. It's not what you think! I want to share a lovely experience I had eating sautéed fennel with my dinner last night. As soon as it hit my tongue I was transported to 8 year old me in the neighborhood pizza parlor my family went to almost weekly. I could see myself fascinated with picking apart a fennel seed and even hear my dad running through his repertoir of lame jokes with the waitress. Such happy times! Then I was transported to the first time my husband made me homemade pizza on a stay at home date night. We always listened to jazz and drank wine and fell in love. Fennel has deep emotional ties for me and it's wonderful to visit that in a totally healthy way. I may get saucy next time and dip into some compliant marinara.

The sweet treat I relished in yesterday was a homemade brown sugar body scrub with cinnamon, vanilla, and almond oil. (I can't remember proportions as I made this back at Christmas for gifts, but Google). It leaves your skin so soft and sweet smelling. Obviously don't EAT the scrub. I also bought some coconut based lipbalm in the scent of chai tea. Yum. Yum. I love smells. If only I could find a merlot scented candle for bath time...

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