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One meal at a time . . . a food log in pictures :)


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So I have issues. Issues with food, issues with fitness, issues with trust – all stemming from body image issues. And I thank some of the very gracious members here for putting up with them :) I took several days all "dieting", exercise, etc to really think about this and try to come up with a solution, with a new approach to this Whole30 thing. Clearly what worked for a short time is no long working, otherwise I wouldn't be here.

As much as like “being vegan†and like all the pretty pictures on my favorite vegan food-porn sites, I just can't get past a few of the pictures of me on our last vacation. I just didn't look good. And by that I mean, not healthy. I was only a few pounds lighter than I am now but I looked tired and run down. And that's exactly how I felt. At the time I was forcing myself to run a lot even though I was in a lot of pain, and I was eating strictly vegan. My diet and my running was interrupting my life and my family time. We couldn't even eat dinner together because everyone was on a different diet. SO stupid now that I think about it.

I had to really think back to when I had the best results and remember what I was doing. It was in 2010 and I was most certainly eating meat. A lot of meat. We grilled almost everyday. Dinner was usually something off the grill and some veg – OMG- that was paleo without even trying! And it worked. Now I was also doing a lot of plyometrics and lifting heavy so I haven't quite signed on to the whole “workout less to lose more†philosophy. I just don't buy the idea that you can “look fit†and not put in the work. Maybe if you started out as someone who was uber fit and just wanted to maintain then the bare minimum would do. But for me, I'll keep working out. I will, however, cut my workouts in half and strive to keep them 1 hour or less, and I wanna get them done early. Get it done and get it over with!

So, once again, starting again. But not with the entire 30 days in mind. I'll be taking this one meal at a time. If I can conquer each meal as I go and make through a day at a time then I will consider that progress. I have a lot of mental road blocks to break through and it's going to take a lot of work. Focusing on a whole month just creates too much panic.

My food log will be done with pictures. I think pictures speak louder than words and just snapping a quick pic will help with my urge to count everything I eat.

The meal template is plastered on the fridge, and there is no diet coke in the house . . .so here we go again, again :rolleyes:.

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Your plan sounds great!! I think I'll use some of your ideas ;) Exercise has been something that I understood as a necessary part of each day or you will just balloon up and gain weight nonstop. While I still have a hard time believing you can't do any exercise and lose weight, I am really trying to stop myself from relying only on long and steady cardio segments as my only way to workout. Plyometrics and strength training are things I'm going to try to incorporate more of, along with interval training when I do cardio.

Taking it one day at a time is so important when you have attempted something, fallen off the wagon, and are ready to get back on. Thirty days seems like forever now! But meal by meal, one picture at a time, you will make it through this month!

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Here we go . . . . Feedback welcome (If you don't see and obvious fat portion that means I have cooked my veg in coconut oil or GHEE)

Day 1 Exercise - Insanity Plyo Circuit (40 min), 20 minutes of weights

11.jpg?w=214&h=300 2 2.jpg?w=278&h=300

3 3.jpg?w=300&h=192

Day 2 Exercise - Insanity Power and Resistance (40 Min) 10 minute Ab workout

4 4.jpg?w=252&h=300 5 (postt workout) 5-post-workout.jpg?w=300&h=224

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