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Whole 40 because I'm turning 40!


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Whole40 because I'm turning 40!

My Extended Whole30: Whole40 because I'm turning 40!

Today is my 40th day on my extended Whole30. These 40 days were the best thing I could have done for myself; emotionally, physically, and mentally. As a mom, a daughter, a friend, a business owner, an athlete, and a person in this world. I can honestly say, it has been years since I've felt this good. Over the past few years, I've had times of feeling really great physically, but not so great emotionally or mentally. Then other times of feeling great mentally, but not so great physically. I could not figure out what was the magic to make me feel, think, act and look good again, both inside and out. In these past 40 days some incredible things have happened to get me to feeling good all around again. Don't get me wrong, it was very tough, I had a near death experience (no freaking joke!) and some mental battles, serious cravings for food and emotion I had to overcome to get to where I feel today. The sugar demons never die. They are alive but not as well. I have a choke hold on them at the moment. I chose when I let them up for air. ;)

Things that happened during my experience:

  • Since December 17,, 2012, I have lost 11 pounds to date.
  • My Whole30 started on January 14,, 2013. I've lost 4 pounds. Did I see the magic in the weight loss from Whole 30/40? No. Kind of disappointing especially since I am a muscular body that struggles with body weight movements in CrossFit.
  • I've lost 4% body fat in 40 days. Definitely happy about that!
  • I've lost 2 inches off my waist and 1.5 inches off my hips. I can see those bones again. YES!!!! After the bones, comes the pack baby!
  • I like my jeans again!
  • In the last 10 days, my psoriasis has noticeably gone down!
  • My eyes are not puffy anymore!!!
  • My dark circles under my eyes are not as noticeable. I don't feel like I have to wear as much makeup any more to cover up feeling old and puffy. WIN!!!
  • I sleep 6 hours straight each night and fall back asleep easily for another 1.5 to 2 hours. (Unless one of my precious and beautiful yet SNORING daughters sneak into bed with me in the middle of the night…..then my sleep is sporadic. But I love their cuddles. I know, I know, my sleep is important, get them back in their own beds!)
  • I don't have to go to the bathroom 5 times in the middle of the night anymore. (Nervous pee in the middle of the night??? Yep. That was me. WTH?)
  • My smile feels better. It feels real. It doesn't feel like “a face†I have to put on anymore.
  • I am enjoying CrossFit WOD's again. I am honoring what my body wants to do and not what my regime says I should do. If I need to rest, I rest. If I want to run, long and slow distance, I run. If I want to do yoga, I do it. If Fat Bottom Girl comes on in the middle of me trying to PR Grace, I deal with it. I'm facing my fears of getting on the rings and trying muscle ups. And no matter how many people want to give me advice on how they think I should do them, I've learned how to ask close people around me to support me so I stay focused and on track. (It's taken me 40 years but I've figured out by asking for exactly what you want, really gets you exactly what you want)
  • My head is clear. Everyday. Especially on Sundays. I can think better at work. And this helps me be more present in my relationships with people around me, especially my daughters. My patience, my being able to better answer all their questions. It's tough being a parent, especially a single parent. It's easier to fake it and go through the motions but to really be present….you have to think more, feel a lot more, your heart breaks more, tears well up in your eyes nearly daily, you see their smiles brighten up the room, and the light in their eyes. Holy crap and that is so worth it. If Whole30 gave me nothing else, I will take this awakening any day.
  • Cravings are gone(‘ish). I can now sit and watch people eat the foods that once were my demons. I can be in a social situation and not need to drink. I mentioned that nervous pee'ing thing in the middle of the night. Well guess what I discovered? I nervously drink water throughout the day. And in social situations, I nervously drink alcohol and drink alcohol and….. you get the point. I'm a dork and I get nervous/anxious easy. Having something in my hand to drink (and chewing gum), I thought calmed me down. Little did I know the damage I was doing! Drunken weekends and gum chewing like they were cigarettes.
  • By the 4th weekend of my 40 days, I had so much energy I didn't know what to do with myself. So, I did stuff for the people I love. It was my free weekend, the girls were with their dad, and did I get busy. I cooked food for my amazing staff of coaches, measured some amazing bodies transforming in the latest Paleo Challenge, went for a fun trail run to get ready for Tough Mudder, and spent the weekend painting a room, moving furniture, buying new furniture, redecorating (I love Pinterest!). I couldn't wait to surprise my daughters when they came home! But I kid you not, I worked until I said, that's enough for today. Then got up early the next day to get at it again. No alarm, not groggy, lets do this style!
  • Oh yes, I should mention, I am one of those decaf girls. I love coffee, dark and strong, and un-caffeinated. People wonder what is the point and think I'm weird. Have you seen me on a 6 shot Americano? Duh. Look at how I eat! Have you had a conversation with me ever in your life? I CrossFit for crying out loud. Of course I'm “weirdâ€. But I love my coffee, especially from Macy's in Flagstaff.
  • Performance wise, I feel the same. No huge gains in performance, which is ok. Recovery from workouts is good. And I have energy to push through workouts when I would rather be behind my desk doing business stuff.

What will happen for me on Day 41? Well, this starts my plan that will take me through April 12th. Because I want to keep on going in the Whole9 ways and learn to “take off these training wheels†and really live it. So here is the plan:

  • Day 41, aka, February 23rd: I'm going to do Tough Mudder. When the race is over, I am going to eat Paleo Granola Bars right after the race. These granola bars have HONEY AND CHOCOLATE CHIPS in them. Yes! Then I am going to enjoy myself with my friends in Phoenix with a couple drinks of tequila, soda water, and lots of limes. Fingers crossed for a good steak and veggies before the drinks.
  • Day 42: I'm not sure yet. Probably back to 100% Paleo but I have a baby shower and I may or may not drink a glass of something.
  • February 25th – March 9th: Back on 100% Paleo for a couple weeks because the Big 4-0 is on March 9th.
  • March 9th-10th: Celebrate with my family and friends 40 amazing years of life. Learning, living, loving. It's just getting better and better. Paleo cheesecake and champagne.
  • March 11th: Starting the mentality of Whole30 again. Strict eating focused on performance goals and hope to shed a little more body fat, inches, and pounds. One stipulation: a little bit of honey, maybe a drink or two. If I don't complete it 100% clean, I will not post the badge on my wall. At the same time, I feel as though I am strong enough to ride on two wheels, All.By.Myself. I don't think I would spiral into that dark and twisted place again. I will evaluate the occasion and decide if it's worth it.
  • April 12th: I'm doing something fun for myself. :)
  • April 13th: Member appreciation party for CrossFit NorthWest Tucson and I'm going to enjoy it.

Then what??? Hopefully, this lifestyle will be standing firm on two feet. I probably will revisit a Whole30 a few times a year.

Things I have missed:

  • Tequila and wine. But reasonable amounts. I'm back to the 2-drink girl.
  • Paleo sweet treats. Stuff, especially nuts, mixed with honey and chocolate chips. The Big 4-0 is going to have a Paleo cheesecake and Magic Brownies (not what you think…..see PaleOMG).

Things I thought I would miss:

  • Nuts and Raisins with chocolate chips.
  • Almond butter
  • Tortilla chips.
  • Zoning my foods into blocks. Yes, I still measure my protein.
  • Paleo pancakes in the morning.
  • (Before this whole thing, I was pretty Paleo. 80%. But the Saturday night binges of crap that lasted through Sunday had negative effects on the rest of the week.)

After Whole30, there is a plan to reintroduce certain foods. Most of them, I have no desire to. Grains, legumes, and dairy are the foods I can't see myself eating. The only grains I would eat on occasion are corn and rice but I have a feeling that grains aggravate my psoriasis. So, unless it's sushi, no rice, and unless I really want my guacamole on a tortilla chip, no grains. Legumes, no thanks. The only dairy I think I would want is ice cream, preferably gelato. But that happens so rarely for me. I don't miss it that much. Especially, if I can have a Paleo treat option, I don't feel like I'm missing out.

Things that really helped me get through the 40 days:

  • The Daily Newsletter from Whole 30
  • The Fight Club and its members. You know who you are. Subtle fist bump. FC40, checking in, baby!!!
  • Rehab the first two weekends. My couch. Staying at home.
  • Being very prepared at my first social situation with delicious Whole30 approved foods. Superbowl Sunday was awesome!
  • It Starts with Food book, especially the back section with food ideas. I love the mocha rub for the steak.
  • Drinking herbal tea at night.
  • Setting a “no eating after†time. 7:30pm. Nothing after that. It's a treat on Saturday night to have a closed handful of nuts before 8:00pm. ;)
  • Keeping temptations away. I didn't keep those tempting foods around. Even if the foods were Paleo. If I couldn't control myself with it, they weren't around. This even included certain people and places in the early weeks of my Whole30/40.
  • My daughters and having them know what I was doing. Each in their own little ways made me stronger in this process and kept me on track. In fact, Sofia put a surprise in my Tough Mudder suitcase of a special treat I can eat tomorrow since she will be at Grandma's and can't celebrate my splurge.

This was a very important 40 days for me. I could go on and on about some of the other things I discovered but I will spare you the novel. I'm just so excited about feeling this good. Insert the real smile. :)

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