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afternoon energy slump- into week 3

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This isn't dire, but I figured I'd put it out there just to see what you all thought.

I'm on day 19 now and I LOVE this way of eating. I feel better overall and can tell I've lost weight. I feel satiated and am not craving sweets BUT I still get the VERY fatigued feeling around 3. I commute about 40 minutes home and I always almost above fall asleep at the wheel! I am not/was not overweight or unhealthy when I started this, so I don't necessarily just think it's taking me longer. But. I don't know. I take vitamin D.

I just don't feel that I should feel THIS tired in the afternoons. And yes, I am eating enough! Sometimes I even worry it's my food that's bogging me down, but that's silly. . . .

Thanks for any input/advice!

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I'm pretty adamant about my sleep- at least 8 hrs. Breakfast is usually one or two hard boiled eggs or scrambled and something else, whether it be some fruit, sweet potato or a smoothie (yes, I know, a no-no but since I'm only pescetarian I added pea protein and they're really thick, so it's just like EATING (not drinking) pureed squash or something!), lunch is usually a massive salad with tuna or some curry soup with shrimp, I do have an apple as a snack. If I'm working out (which is most days) I'll eat my pre workouts protein source (tuna, egg, nuts, etc) and then dinner is something like a salmon patty, swai or shrimp with a lot of veggies- s. pot, kale, brussels sprouts, zucchini, etc.

This is pretty much what I eat. . .

Thanks! :) Oh and I cook with olive and coconut oil (for the fat) and use coconut milk in everything!!! I have to watch the nuts b/c I'll eat too many so haven't had many of those. . .

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