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Lacuma Powder?

Jen Thomas

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Lucuma powder is a powdered fruit. Fruit is ok in moderation but that does mean fresh fruit. I came to W30 from a raw food background and lucuma powder is used a lot there as a sweetener. It's even advertised and sold as a 'low sugar sweetener' or low glyceamic sweetener' so, personally I'd avoid it during a W30. I know they make many health claims for it but there's nothing in it you can't get from eating proper whole foods, meat, fat and veggies with fruit in moderation.

Now W30 is designed to also change our relationship with food. Now, for most of us nowadays, that means expecting a lot of food to taste 'sweet', look how many processed foods we find have sugar added. When I did my first W30 I moved my lucuma powder aside to keep til I'd finished. Once I decided this was basically the way I was going to eat forever (not that I'm saying anyone else has to do that :) ) I threw it out.

I feel if you're doing a W30, you deserve to get the best out of it that you can. I don't feel using a sweetener contributes to that. good luck

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