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Ok, how did I do today?

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Not on W30 yet, but will be soon and I'm mostly following the plan until then.

Meal 1:

Scrambled egg

3 slices bacon

sweet potato hash cooked in coconut oil

Meal 2:

Homemade chicken salad with homemade mayo

3 big handfuls of spinach with red bell pepper and sesame seeds

Meal 3:

Grilled salmon

Large portion of green beans with almond slivers cooked in coconut oil

I was hungry in the afternoon, so I had 3 slices of a large apple with sunbutter.

Critique away...

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Yeah, maybe you are a less hearty eater, but I *fill* my plate. Always have at least two kind of vegetables and one of them has always been roasted in oil. I eat 2 servings of fat at most meals, too.

I ate a LOT of junk and drank a lot of alcohol before my W30, so I needed the food to keep me satisfied.

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Add more of everything (veggies?) to your breakfast and you will probably be able to skip that snack. But, if you do have the snack, try to have it like a mini -meal with protein, veggie, and fat. Same goes for other meals.

What is sunbutter? I see that a lot of people mention it. I think it is technically compliant, although it may be towards the limit end of the eating fats.

Still, I think you did an awesome job and am only offering a critique because you asked. :)

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