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Whole 30 Detox.....


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Beginning Day 1 today on March 10, 2013.....Looking forward to the detox.

Massive life stressors are done and now I can focus on ME!!!

B: Grapefruit, Compliant Bacon, Eggs

L: Carrots with sunbutter

D: Grilled grass fed beef, sauteed swiss chard, sweet potato with ghee

I know this week will be tough....I hate week one. I have done several W30 but love the end result!

Feel free to come along with me.

Support is always welcome


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I didn't even start and I am thinking about sugar...it is such a drug. Did my whole foods shopping without breaking the bank too.

Let's see what happens...at the very least I'll support you and get off most of the wheat. Reading and Learning more tomorrow; starting this week. No...starting tomorrow. I think? :P

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Okay Kristy,

We got this....I am not feeling super but I am feeling empowered by my inner resolve. Today was tough, Monday, time change and....Day 2! So, I will report out on my foods for today. I walked 8 miles over the weekend (Ski walked) so I will take today off and be kind to myself. I need to belly up to the counter and make some food for dinner, but 5 minutes to relax....

Day 2:

B: Leftover grass fed steak/eggs/banana

L: huge bowl of greens, peppers, Well Fed chocolate chili (in freezer, God send) bowl of cantelope

S: handful of mixed nuts with dried cranberries

D: Compliant meatloaf, butternut squash, organic brussel sprouts

I know this week will be a challenge so I will be kind to myself. P and I have a church function but it is a meditation so should be soothing.....over and out....Hang in there. Slay the sugar DRAGON~thwack!

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Posting this from my second W30 wrap up....for inspiration to stay focused!

So I finished my second W30 yesterday and weighed myself today and have lost 8.5 lbs and add that to my first W30 in January which was a 10 lb loss and that equals 18.5 lbs….still with me? Well, I still have 21.5 lbs to get to my goal weight so I am starting all over again today….

Secrets to my success….

  • ISWF, began reading it as soon as I got it mid W30
  • Making my own condiments
  • Joining an organic CSA
  • Cleaning garbage out of my pantry
  • Taking it easy on the workouts till the end….I was a bit tired
  • Not getting on the scale
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY….Casey, Jen, Katie, Katherine, Ellie and everybody else who jumped in our Food Log thread. We kept each other going every moment of the day with ideas, cheers and chastising….We will continue forward and it's been UNBELIEVABLE in the way of support. We have become tight and really are walking the walk with each other…..


  • Sabotaged myself the first weekend by going to movies with hubby with no snack….collapsed mid movie and ate his popcorn! Had to restart on Monday to day 1…..lesson was carry a piece of fruit and a few nuts into movie theater next time
  • Eating a Larabar was a huge carb trigger….had to give those little suckers up even for emergencies
  • Weighed myself once and freaked out and almost was like….Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot! I give up….Took toward the end of my W30 for the magic to happen and the hormones to heal….

Okay so what feels great?

  • Down a pants size!
  • Have tons more energy
  • Rosacea going bye bye!!!!
  • Post nasal drip and GERD disappeared
  • No more whirring, gurgling and gassy GI system
  • Sleeping like a baby
  • More exercise stamina toward the end of the W30
  • Skin is soft and supple, hair is shiny
  • No breathing (asthma) issues during my run
  • Rings come off and on without finger swelling
  • Nails are growing like wildfire
  • Overall sense of general well being
  • Lowered stress response

So, it goes without saying that I will continue this lifestyle. Cracking open my Well Fed to mix up some recipes. Happy to report another W30 success and will continue my journey in this new lifestyle. When I tell you nothing else has worked in years I mean it. Even Weight Watchers….everyone loses weight on WW but ME!!!! Enter W30 and hope returns…..Thanks to one and all…..

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Day 3

Rainy day here...matches my detox mood..... :rolleyes:

so the menu today is:

B: eggs with tons of veggies, banana

L: leftover meatloaf with butternut squash and greens

D: compliant sausage, peppers, greens and butternut squash

S: carrots and guacamole

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O.K Young Lady; Here is what I have had today and feel content and full....plan on some salad tonight

B: nut and seed bar; coffee with Soy milk ( i know I need coconut): a few pieces of fresh pineapple.

L: Eggs with spinach, onion, broccoli, baby tomatoes and some cajun spice

D: Grass fed beef pan grilled with Evoo, a tiny bit of balsamic, garlic, salt, pepper

Smashed Cauliflower with organic butter (small amount) salt and a bit of garlic.

I figure later when I am hungry....I will have a salad and maybe a bit of fruit.

Right now, I am full...Just have this insatiable need for coffee...if I have another cup it will be three...hmmm....

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DON'T DO IT!!!!!

two is good :P

you are doing really wonderful. Really proud of your progress...what are the odds we could get Shara and Kerry on board? Wouldn't that be fun and make for miserable Friday nights (won't use another emoticon here)

I actually feel quite good. Paul is grilling compliant WF sausage as we speak....I am sauteeing onions/peppers/garlic and butternut squash....I am rereading ISWF again. I need the encouragement.....talk soon

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B: nut and seed bar; coffee with Soy milk ( i know I need coconut): a few pieces of fresh pineapple.

...with organic butter (small amount)...

Sorry, I know you say you "know you need coconut" but it doesn't look like you are fully understanding the whole30 guidelines. It might help a great deal to read up on the program a bit more, to understand the what and the why...both what is eliminated (soy for one is non-negotiable, and no butter unless it is clarified to remove milk proteins) and also the format of the meal template. Your first meal of the day should contain a palm-size portion of protein, and the remainder of the plate full of vegetables. I hope this doesn't come across as critical, but the program guidelines are really what sets you up for success. good luck!

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hey Kristy....today is Day 4!

all is well....hitting my stride.

B: eggs/compliant sausage

L:Greens, leftover compliant sausage, peppers, onions, banana

D: GF grilled burger, avocado, peppers, onions, grilled brussel's sprouts

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today is a loooooooong day for me. I go from 5am to 8:30pm (work related groups I run).....I have to stock up for the whole day....these are the days I crash and burn....

but today is Day 5 and I am rounding the bend of worse feelings. Will report back with my foods at 9pm....

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Day 4: did better today; I am more energized though a tad cranky...

B: egg/veggie scramble

L: organic pork over a kale/mixed veggie salad (I sent u that pic)

D: salad w/avacado, cashew, lemon, oliveoil, spices

fruit: berries with some pineapple and w tiny bit of whipped coconut milk (YUM)

coffee with coconut milk

Tea; Pomegranate Rooibos

water, water....Please God let me get back to work tomorrow so I don't have to be trapped in the house doing this....need to get OUT.


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Day 5 Foods:

Eggs/compliant bacon/veggies

kale/spinach Chocolate Chili melon

Sashimi/vegetable sushi sans rice

Day 6 Foods:


Spinach greens/tuna

crabmeat and tuna salad/greens with peppers/cucumbers/tomatoes

I am tired from a long week of work......low energy, can't wait to round the bend for energy

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Today's Day 7 so I should be turning the bend....yay! Last night we did awesome despite our buddies carb loadings.....I am so grateful you are in my life to share all kinds of journey's kiddo ;)

I can post my foods until dinner which I am not sure will be yet...so.....

B: half grapefruit, eggs, grilled steak

L: tons of greens, tomato onion and grilled chicken breast

D:???? going to open my Well Fed and see what inspires Paul and I today....

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O.K....Here goes my day: DAY 6


nut and seed bar; Veggie;olive/broccoli/compliant pepporoni and egg scramble.

went to a party...Had a small bowl of fruit for "snack" blueberry, strawberry, pineapple

Dinner: sauteed beef sausage and chicken breast with tomato;olives; organic chicken broth....My kiddos and husband had it over rice

I made: Butternut squash cubes steamed and mashed with garlic, olive oil, rosemary, chicken broth, salt, spices etc.

I ate the chicken and sausage over the butternut squash mix and it was AWESOME.

My fam just had "st.patty's cupcakes" and I graciously LEFt the ROOM.

LATER...TEA AND who knows if I get CRAZY , I just might have more coffee with coconut milk!!!

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Good job on the fruit and not eating cake and cupcakes. It is very enticing. I have a HUGE concern next Saturday I am going to my sister's son's Bar Mitzvah. It is at some really nice place and this is their third son and they do it top notch. EVERYTHING there will be non compliant. I hope I can hold on because it is an all day event.

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I just saw you asked about a recipe book. My absolute favorite is WELL FED. It is full of compliant, delish, interesting and diversified recipes. You will love Melissa Joulwan because she is just like you in many ways! Go to her website. She is really cool! There are a million paleo recipe books out there. ISWF has some recipes. You can google Paleo chicken recipes, or paleo compliant home made ketchup etc.... and you will get a lot of searches. Many people have started recipe blogs for Paleo or Whole 30. I have a Paleo pinterest board with a ton of recipes. I have a Paleo pulled pork recipe that is to die for in the crockpot......

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sailing along, feeling better, less cranky and sleeping better.

skin is clear, mood is good

if the weather would cooperate I could get out there to run

but the forecast is cold/windy with 3 inches of snow.....

hurry spring!

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