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Dairy. No more.


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I'm breaking up with dairy for good.

I just finished a 6-week nutrition challenge (and stayed Whole30 compliant the whole time). I felt a cold/sore throat coming on the last day, but decided I wanted to try to reintroduce dairy anyway. Not a wise choice for me! I wasn't sure if it was actually the dairy at first, but I took a nosedive for two days...felt so much worse...then woke up Saturday feeling mostly better. So, I tried some cheese again. By the end of the day, sore throat was worse again, I have a canker sore in my mouth (and I haven't had any of those in years!), exhausted all the time, etc.

I guess there's a chance it could be some flu/virus/cold...but I'm at least partially blaming dairy. And my relationship, at least with cheese, is over.

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