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Day 16 - Some Fine Tuning Help

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Hi! This is my first Whole 30 and generally feeling great two weeks in. :)

My number one goal with this program is to create a happy relationship with food and break free from calorie/macro logging and tracking weight. I achieved this rather early in the progress. I'm enjoying food a lot more, sleeping like a rock, no cravings, no binging, and improved energy and concentration throughout the day.

On the downside, my skin and scalp has started to feed rather oily (around day 12). And I have a zit on my chin <_< The source could be from a variety of things, season change, work load, a sloppy W30 start...

I think it should be noted that in February I did the intermittent fasting thing. I realize that some women do really well with a small eating window, but found out the hard way that it wasn't for me. This lead blood sugar and hormones levelson a chaotic destruction path toward cheesecake, sugary bread, cookies, and other terribads. Perhaps I'm still trying to clean out that mess?

During first half of W30, I ate a veggie-ginger soup with pork (felt sick the first week), portabello beef pot roast with sweet potato in cocomilk, stir fried acorn squash with kale and roasted pork, and jumblaya with pork sausage over cali-rice. Every dinner is propped on a bed of salad greens or wilted spinach/kale. Lunch is usually a salad tossed with cocomilk/bals-vinegar/avocado oil with roasted chicken or white fish and avocado. Breakfast would be a mashed sweet potato or plantain, with fruit, eggs, and sweet peppers and celery.

Nuts were selected from almond, almond butter, or pistachios. Most veggies are organic except the squashes. The meats were all natural but not organic/grass fed. I followed the hand-template very closely.

On work out days, a Pre-WO would include a spoon of almond butter or half a lara bar. I eat lunch or breakfast after a work out with slightly bigger starch or fat portions.

I workout 4-5 days a week usually 3x crossfit and 2x run. I work at home desk job so other than working out my lifestyle is very sedentary.

Some beta-bugs included snacking in between meals. Since then, I added more food on the plate during meals and snacking has been reduced. I may have also misinterpreted "occasional fruit" and ate more than I should. Fruits are mostly blueberries, strawberries, and seldom banana, apples, and oranges.

My first guess is that I'm not getting enough O-3 and that I still have too much sugar in the diet? I'm thinking that I ate too much mammal (and not the best cut) during the first two weeks, which lead to a bad 3-6 ratio? Perhaps I should eat more chicken, salmon, and mackerel? I do have fish oil supplements I can take. I have also learned that too much fruit is not ideal so I'm cutting way back on that.

Would love any more suggestions :wub: Thanks

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Your "feeling" oily and having a zit may resolve without your changing what you are eating at all. Sometimes things happen and sometimes the cause is not something we have control over. But I still have some suggestions. :)

Meat and veggies are a big improvement over most menus, but when you are fine tuning, the best choices are beef, lamb, and fish with a lighter reliance on chicken and pork. Personally, I try to eat oily fish like salmon, sardines, or mackerel every other day so that I don't need to take a fish oil supplement.

The best nuts are macadamias, hazelnuts, and cashews because they deliver a lighter load of omega6 fats relative to omega3s.

Post-workout meals should be generous with lean protein and light on fat. Fat slows digestion and the purpose of a post-workout meal is to feed hungry muscles fast. By combining post-workout food and a regular meal, you are not getting the bonus food that a workout calls for and, in your case, you may not be feeding hungry muscles within that small window they are especially open just after a workout because of extra fat in your meal.

Your fruit choices are good ones and I am not worried that you are getting too much sugar.

I'm glad you figured out your relationship to intermittent fasting in February. In case anyone else is wondering, I am including this helpful article on the topic: http://huntgatherlove.com/content/when-not-fast

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