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Day 10 and feeling the magic!


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Woohoo! Today is Day 10! I am very excited about this. I've never been this successful with a healthy food program. Everyday it gets easier and easier. Yesterday I had really unusual cravings for alcohol. Very strange!! Instead of imbibing, I went to a HIIT class at the gym, then a run a few hours after that. Dallas and Melissa aren't kidding when they say that your fitness levels will improve! I swear I can feel the fat cells burning. :)

Are there any other fantastic side effects, you ask? My nails have never been stronger and they are growing so fast. Even more so than when I was pregnant. I love it! I always suffer from brittle nails due to my lack of thyroid, so this is amazing. My skin is clearing up and the tone is evening out. The redness in my cheeks is going away, the bumps I have on my arms and thighs are disappearing, and I am finding that I don't need to apply lotion 10 times per day. My face looks slimmer, heck, my whole body looks much slimmer, and the general puffiness is gone. My jeans fit much better: I have room in them to walk comfortably. Finally, my energy level is up and level all day. I don't even need my coffee in the morning, except that I enjoy the taste. I reduced my three cup habit down to one cup per day. I even woke up at 6:30 without an alarm clock, and wasn't even mad about it!

Hopefully those of you that are thinking about embarking on this journey will read this and know that it works. I can't wait for what the next 20+ days bring!

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